Why SkyBell Video Doorbell Won’t Connect To Wifi and How to Fix It

Your SkyBell Video Doorbell Won’t Connect To Wifi? You just purchased the latest and greatest sky bell doorbell. It’s super cool, but now you can’t connect it to your Wi-Fi or find any info on how to get it connected. In this article, we go over everything that is going wrong with your video doorbell and then show some solutions for fixing them.

Why won’t my SkyBell Video Doorbell connect to WiFi?

There are a few reasons why your SkyBell Video Doorbell might not be connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. One reason is that you may have an older firmware version on your doorbell. To update your firmware, open the SkyBell app and go to the settings tab. Scroll down and select “Firmware Update.” If there is an update available, the app will walk you through the steps to install it. Another possibility is that your local Wi-Fi network isn’t strong enough to support the video doorbell. In this case, we recommend moving the video doorbell closer to your router or upgrading your router’s antennae. Finally, if you’re using an outdated version of the SkyBell app, it’s possible that your app isn’t compatible with your video doorbell. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the SkyBell app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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How can I fix my SkyBell Video Doorbell so that it will connect to WiFi?

There are a few ways that you can fix your SkyBell Video Doorbell so that it will connect to WiFi.

Check Your Network Connection

Check to see if your wifi network is working. Make sure that you are connected with a strong signal and that there’s no interference from other sources of wireless signals in the area. Also, make sure that any other devices on your wifi network are also connected. Check the settings for your SkyBell Video Doorbell to make sure that it is set up correctly and has access to an internet connection. If you are having trouble connecting to your Doorbell Camera, make sure that the camera is within range of your Wi-Fi router and try moving the router closer to the camera.

Ensure you are connected to a 2.4GHz Wifi network

If you are having trouble connecting your SkyBell Video Doorbell to WiFi, make sure that the device is connected to a 2.4GHz network. The 5GHz networks will not work with this device. When connecting to a wifi network, make sure you are connecting to the 2.4GHz network and not the 5GHz network. The 5GHz network is typically faster but has a shorter range than the 2.4GHz network.

Update Your Skybell App

Updating the SkyBell App will often solve connectivity issues. The Skybell app and firmware are in need of an update. However, the company is planning to make some changes in the near future that should improve the user experience.

Do a soft reset on your SkyBell HD Doorbell

If you are having WiFi issues with your SkyBell HD Doorbell, you can try a soft reset. This will clear the device’s cache and help to solve any issues. To do a soft reset, hold down the button on the back of the doorbell for 30 seconds. The LED will flash green, red, and blue when it’s done.

Contact Skybell Support

If the steps above didn’t work for you, contact Skybell support.

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How To Reconnect SkyBell Video Doorbell to WiFi?

If your SkyBell Video Doorbell is not connecting to WiFi, you can put it into AP mode and follow the same installation process as you would with a new doorbell camera.

Check to see if the Wi-Fi signal reaches outside the house to the SkyBell with the front door closed. If the router is too far away, or the signal strength is low, move the Wi-Fi router closer to the SkyBell or get a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal.

Keep an eye on your WiFi signal to make sure it’s coming from your router at the right frequency. This is only an issue when you use a dual-band router. There is no way to connect the SkyBell to a network that only works on the 5 GHz band. Most routers will have a 2.4 GHz network, but not all of them will have one. See Router configuration to learn how to set up a dual-band router.

Check to see if there is a minimum upload speed of 1.5 Mbps, but 2 Mbps is better. If you want to see how fast the internet is, go to OOKLA or go to http://speedtest.net.

Check to see if there is internet access where the SkyBell is. The quality of SkyBell connections is determined by how well the SkyBell communicates with the router. You should now be able to follow the same installation process of installing a new doorbell camera on your account.