Why Is My Wired Ring Doorbell Not Working? [Reasons and Fixes]

Your wired Ring Doorbell is not working, and you don’t know why. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re not sure how to fix the problem. There are a few possible reasons why your Ring Wired Doorbell might not be working. But don’t worry, we’ll help you troubleshoot and find a solution.

Check out the following reasons and fixes for why your wired Ring Doorbell might not be working properly.

Why Is My Wired Ring Doorbell Not Working?

The cause of a wired Ring Doorbell not working can be attributed to various issues such as insufficient power or battery, poor Wi-Fi connection, or a problem with the wiring or installation. To fix these issues, you should check whether the device was installed properly.

If the device is properly installed, then you should check the power source and ensure that it is connected correctly. Additionally, you should check the Wi-Fi connection and ensure that it is functioning properly. If all else fails, then you should contact Ring support for additional assistance.

How to fix a non-working wired Ring Doorbell

Ensure Your Ring Video Doorbell is Compatible with Your Home’s Mechanical or Digital Chime

To ensure your Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with your home’s mechanical or digital chime, you should first determine the type of doorbell you have. Listen for the sound of your doorbell and it will tell you what kind it is.

Next, verify that the module you inserted inside your mechanical chime (which was provided with the doorbell) was done so correctly. The chime may be controlled by the Ring doorbell thanks to this module, but it won’t function if it isn’t installed correctly.

Then, open the Ring app on your smartphone and go to the relevant Ring device’s settings page. Click “General Settings” and then “Doorbell Chime Type” from here. Make sure the drop-down selection is set to “Mechanical” and that “Ring my in-home doorbell” is turned on (to the right).

Finally, check that your Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with your AC-powered mechanical chime that operates between 8 to 24V. Ring Video Doorbells are not compatible with any DC circuits or wireless chimes.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to ensure that your Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with your mechanical or digital chime.

Fix WiFi Connection Issues

Steps to Fix a Wired Ring Doorbell WiFi Connection Issue:

  1. Begin by checking your phone. Make sure your app hasn’t lost connectivity due to simple things like airplane mode, which disables both Wi-Fi and cellular data. Additionally, check other devices around your house to see if they’ve also lost connectivity, which could indicate an outage in your area.
  2. Reboot your Wi-Fi router and/or cable modem by unplugging them for about 10 seconds, and then plugging them back in again.
  3. Confirm that your Ring device has power. If it is hardwired into your doorbell system (instead of battery-operated), you may have a doorbell circuit breaker in your breaker panel. Flipping the switch back to the on position can fix the problem.
  4. Try to position your Wi-Fi router as close as possible to the Ring device. This is to ensure your router is centrally located for all your smart home devices.
  5. Consider utilizing Ring Chime Pro to replace or augment your existing doorbell chime. Chime Pro can extend your Wi-Fi signal and has louder-than-usual notification sounds for larger houses.
  6. Make sure your router is operational and all lights are on. Wifi might occasionally become unreliable when your internet service provider is performing unplanned maintenance, or there’s a severe storm nearby.
  7. Reset your router if everything is in order, but there’s still a connection problem. Be cautious to unplug your Ring Doorbell, and then plug it back in only after your router has been reset.
  8. Contact your internet service provider if your Ring keeps going down. They might be able to guide you through further procedures to fix your connection problems.
  9. Utilize the Ring app to check your Wi-Fi signal. Start by tapping the Menu icon (three lines stacked vertically) in the upper-left corner. Then tap Devices, select your device, and tap the Device Health icon. Scroll down until you see Test Your Wi-Fi. Stand near your doorbell and tap START TEST.
  10. If the site determines your internet is too slow, try contacting your internet service provider for help. If the site determines your Wi-Fi internet speed is good, you can try visiting Ring’s Support Center.

Ensure Ring Doorbell is properly wired

Ensure that the Ring Doorbell installation is done properly, with wires snugly wrapped around screws for safety’s sake. If any of your wires have been broken, corroded, or otherwise compromised beyond repair, they will need to be replaced.

Check to ensure that your mechanical doorbell chime is in good condition and is correctly wired into your home’s AC transformer. Access the doorbell via the smartphone app and check the “Device Health” to ensure that the device is receiving enough power.

Ensure Both your Doorbell and Chime are receiving adequate Power

  1. Check that your circuit receives a minimum of 8-24 V AC at 50-60 Hz frequency to ensure your hardwired Ring video doorbell will not experience power issues in the future.
  2. If your doorbell and chime are compatible, check that the Ring Doorbell Pro needs a minimum of 16 volts AC.
  3. If the voltage is too low, you can bypass the internal doorbell by reconnecting the “Front” and “Trans” cables on the chime into the Pro Power Kit.
  4. If the existing doorbell wiring is less than 16 V, replace the transformer. Hiring an electrician is recommended for this task.
  5. Depending on the Ring Doorbell version, check the voltage level through the Ring App, and ensure that it is at least 3700 mV.
  6. If the device is connected to a battery source, ensure that you charge the battery when required.
  7. If the battery is not charging properly, purchase a new battery for your device on Ring’s website.

Contact Ring Customer Support

If your wired Ring Doorbell is not working, you can contact Ring Customer Support to help you fix the issue. Follow these steps to get in touch with them:

  1. Launch the Ring App and click on the horizontal line icon on the top left corner.
  2. Select the “Help” option from the menu.
  3. Follow the relevant steps to report your problem and get in touch with Ring Support.
  4. Visit the Ring.com page and scroll down to select the “Contact Us” option.
  5. On this page, scroll until you find your country, or use the worldwide helpline number to get in touch with Ring Customer Care executives.
  6. To contact Ring Support via your web browser, visit support.ring.com.
  7. Reach out to them if all the above tricks don’t solve your problem.

How do I reset my hardwired Ring Doorbell?

If you have a hardwired Ring Doorbell, here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset it:

  1. Unplug the power source from the doorbell.
  2. Press and hold the setup button on the right side of the doorbell for 10 seconds.
  3. Once the reset is complete, the doorbell will enter setup mode.
  4. Reconnect the power source to the doorbell.
  5. Hold down the orange button on your doorbell for at least 10 seconds and release it.
  6. The reset is complete.
  7. Reconnect it to your Wi-Fi and set it up again by holding down the orange button.
  8. Let the device rest for two to three minutes after the reset.


What could be causing my wired Ring Doorbell to not work?

The problem could be due to the device having some issues, a poor Wi-Fi connection, or incorrect wiring. First, try to access the doorbell via the smartphone app. If it doesn’t respond, make sure that the connections between the wall and the mounting bracket are not too tight or too loose. If the app doesn’t respond or it shows a lower voltage, you will have to whip out the orange screwdriver and unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the doorbell.

Also, check to see if the device is receiving enough power as the app will display the device as “Good”. If the device is still not working, you may need to reset it or contact Ring for assistance. Additionally, you can replace the device’s capacitor using this guide from Ring.

Why does my wired Ring Doorbell not Ring inside?

If your wired Ring Doorbell is not ringing inside, it could be because it is not wired correctly, the wiring is corroded or damaged, or the correct settings have not been enabled. Poor connections and incorrect wiring can prevent the doorbell from transmitting signals over the Wi-Fi network, which will stop it from ringing.

To fix the issue, you will need to check and correct the wiring connecting your Ring Doorbell to the internal doorbell or chime kit. You should also check that the correct settings are enabled to ensure your Ring Doorbell is functioning properly.

Does Ring Doorbell need a battery if hardwired?

Yes, Ring doorbells need a battery if hardwired. Even when hardwired, Ring doorbells still operate off of the battery, which is just trickle charged by the hardwired connection. If you have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, it is completely wired without a battery pack. The one exception is the Ring Video Doorbell Wired (2021 release), which is wired but requires a Ring Chime, Ring Chime Pro, or Amazon Echo/Alexa device in order to have an audible internal ring.

Why Your Wired Ring Doorbell Isn’t Ringing Your Phone?

The cause of the problem with a wired Ring Doorbell not ringing inside or outside is usually due to an inadequate connection to the Wi-Fi network or the Ring Doorbell not being wired properly. To fix the issue, you must reconnect the Ring Doorbell to your home network via the Ring app, and ensure that it is properly wired and connected to an existing doorbell or chime kit. Issues with a Ring Doorbell, not ringing can also be caused by corroded or damaged wires, or incorrect settings being enabled.

Why is my Ring Doorbell suddenly not working?

Answer: If your Ring Doorbell is suddenly not working, there are numerous reasons why. Common causes include insufficient or no power, poor Wi-Fi connection, a problem with the wiring, or an incorrect installation. To resolve the issue, check whether the device was installed properly and check the voltage received by the Ring device by opening the Ring app, selecting ‘Ring Pro’, and selecting ‘Device Health’.

If the Device Health page tells you that the Ring is not receiving sufficient voltage, use the Ring Pro Power Kit to ensure enough power is sent. If the Power Kit is properly installed but the device is still not receiving enough voltage, you may need to replace the device’s capacitor. Additionally, if the device is plugged in, receiving sufficient voltage, and is not turning on, the device’s battery may be defective and will need replacing.