Why Is My Vivint Doorbell Not Working? How to Fix It!

Your Vivint doorbell is not working and this is a pretty common problem. However, many people don’t know what to do when their device stops working properly. It’s frustrating when you buy something that is supposed to make your life easier only for it not to work properly. Learn how to fix the Vivint Doorbell not working issue if the problem occurs.

Why Is My Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Working?

If you’re having trouble with your Vivint doorbell camera, the most common reason is that there’s an internet connection issue. Check to make sure your device is connected to the internet and that your firewall or router isn’t blocking the signal. Another possibility is that there’s a power outage preventing the camera from responding. Make sure all of your devices are plugged in and check to see if any of your neighbors are experiencing a power outage as well.

A distance between a router and a Vivint doorbell camera could be the cause of why it’s not connecting. Try moving your router closer to the camera or vice versa to see if that fixes the problem. The Vivint Wireless Doorbell Camera can only work if it is within 100 feet of the router.

The camera has a red light ring that indicates that it has been reset. If you’re troubleshooting and see this light ring, hold down the Reset button on the back of the camera for 10 seconds until you see the light ring turn blue.

How to Fix Vivint Doorbell Not Working?

If your Vivint doorbell isn’t working, don’t worry! There are a few things that you can do to try and fix the issue. The first thing that you can do is reset your doorbells by taking them out of their mounting positions and re-attaching them at a different angle. If resetting your doorbells doesn’t solve the issue, then try restoring your device to its default settings.

The procedure for resetting a Vivint model will vary depending on the model of your device. However, most devices will require you to take them out of their mounting positions and reattach them at a different angle in order to reset them. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, then you may need to contact customer support for help.

In some cases, the problem with your Vivint doorbell might be due to a power source not providing enough power to the device. In this case, you might need to reinstall the doorbell or replace the batteries. Alternatively, if your internet isn’t working properly, you might need to restart your router.

If none of these troubleshooting steps works, then it’s possible that there is something wrong with your device and you’ll need to contact customer support for help.

1. Try Resetting Your Vivint Doorbell Camera

To do this, remove the back cover of the doorbell and locate the reset button. Use a pen or paperclip to press and hold the button for about 10 seconds, until the light turns off. Put the back cover back on and wait for the doorbell to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

If resetting your Vivint doorbell doesn’t fix the problem, there are a few other things you can try:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is strong and that your router is in range of your doorbell camera
  2. Try moving your router closer to your front door
  3. If you have multiple Vivint devices, make sure they’re all using unique passwords

2. Check if your Vivint doorbell is getting enough power from the Power Source

If it’s not, that could be why your doorbell isn’t ringing. To check this, open up the back cover of your Vivint doorbell and look for the transformer. The transformer will be plugged into an outlet and have a wire going to your doorbell. Make sure the transformer is plugged in and that there are no blown fuses. If there are blown fuses, replace them with new ones and try again.

3. Restart Your Router if your Vivint Doorbell camera is offline

If you are experiencing problems with your Vivint Doorbell camera, one possible solution is to restart your router. This will reconnect the camera to the internet and should fix any connection issues.

After you have reconnected the cables, you will need to restart your router. If the Vivint Doorbell is still not working, it might be due to router interference. In this case, try moving your router to a different location in your house.

4. Ensure your Doorbell is connected to the Network

To do this, open up the Vivint app and go to the Devices section. Underneath your Doorbell’s name, you should see a small circle with a line through it. If this circle is filled in, then your Doorbell is not currently connected to your network.

Once it’s flashing blue, release the button and wait for it to connect. Once it’s connected, the circle next to its name will turn into a checkmark indicating that it’s now connected.

5. Contact Vivint Customer Support

If your Vivint Doorbell is not working, reboot your panel. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact Vivint support.

6. Replace your Vivint Doorbell Camera

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has four AA batteries which need to be changed. The best solution to a malfunctioning doorbell is to replace the battery pack. However, if the problem persists, it is necessary to replace your Vivint doorbell camera with the latest version.

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How do I reset my Vivint doorbell camera pro?

If you’re having trouble with your Vivint doorbell camera pro, don’t worry! There are a few ways that you can try to fix the issue. First, go to your panel and delete the camera from the device settings. Next, reboot your panel and your doorbell. If that doesn’t work, restart your Wi-Fi router.

If all of these methods still don’t solve the problem, then you can reset your Vivint doorbell by pressing and holding down the button on the back of the device for 10-15 seconds until it turns yellow and white. Keep in mind that this will erase any saved footage on your camera.

What to do if your Vivint doorbell is offline

If your Vivint doorbell is offline, you can reconnect it using the following methods:

  • Reboot you panel
  • Reboot your doorbell
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router
  • Check to see if the camera is powered.

If your Vivint doorbell is offline, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. The first thing you should do is reboot both the panel and the doorbell. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reboot your Wi-Fi router. If these methods do not work, contact Vivint’s support center.

Why is my Vivint doorbell not ringing?

There are a few things you can check if your Vivint doorbell isn’t ringing. First, make sure that the power is not faulty by using a voltmeter. If it is not the power, then check to see if your doorbell’s chime box is functioning and replace any damaged parts. Additionally, check the speaker volume as it may not be loud enough to produce sound when someone rings your doorbell.

  1. Check to see if the power is faulty.
  2. Inspect your doorbell chime box to see if it is functioning and replace any damaged parts.
  3. Check if the speaker volume is too low, thus preventing the doorbell from producing any sound.

If you have checked all of these things and your Vivint doorbell is still not ringing, then there are a few other potential causes that you can investigate. One such possibility is that Phantom ringing is occurring due to fluctuations in voltage. The problem may be that the person living next to your home is using power strips or surge protectors which can cause changes in voltage when they are turned off and on again.