Why is My Skybell Blinking Red and Green? + How to Fix it

There’s nothing quite like embarking on your smart home journey. If you’re like me, you might have started yours with a Skybell video doorbell.

It’s an empowering little device, isn’t it? Ringing bells are passé; we have doorbells that help us monitor our front porch in HD video, sense movement, and even facilitate a two-way chat with our visitors.

But what happens when your reliable Skybell starts flashing in a mysterious sequence of red and green lights? It feels like it’s communicating, doesn’t it?

Well, it indeed is. These LED lights are your Skybell’s way of communicating with you, and a red and green blinking pattern suggests its trying to get your attention.

So, why is your Skybell blinking red and green, and how can you solve this? Let’s decipher and handle this like the tech-savvy individuals we are.

Why is My Skybell Blinking Red and Green?

Whenever you notice your Skybell blinking red and green, don’t fret. This is a common signal pattern, and it’s your device trying to communicate its status with you.

The red and green blinking lights indicate that your Skybell is in wireless connection sync-ready mode.

In layman’s terms, this means it’s standing by to connect to your wireless network. It’s not an error or malfunction; rather, it’s an expected part of Skybell’s operational indications.

Each color and flash pattern represents a different status mode for your Skybell, and this particular signal is user-friendly shorthand for a specific stage in the syncing process.

So, next time you see your Skybell blinking in red and green, know that it is prepping to sync with your Wi-Fi network.

How to Fix Skybell Blinking or Flashing Red and Green

One of the ways to fix the issue of your Skybell Blinking or Flashing Red and Green is to re-sync the doorbell. To re-sync the device, press and hold the main button until it rapidly flashes green, and then release the button.

Step 1: Performing a Soft Reset

A soft reset can rectify SkyBell’s red and green blinking issue without erasing any saved data or settings. Initiate a soft reset by:

  • Pressing and holding the center button for 45 seconds.
  • The LED will flash green, then shift to red and green, indicating the reset initiation.
  • The process takes about five minutes, with the LED flashing orange while reconnecting to the WIFI network.
  • Once finished, check SkyBell’s functionality.

Tip: If this doesn’t work, a hard reset might be required. But remember, it erases all saved data and settings.

Step 2: Performing a Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset on your SkyBell:

  1. Press and hold the SkyBell button for approximately one minute.
  2. Observe the LED sequence: It will rapidly flash Green, then alternate between Red/Green, followed by Blue, and finally, Yellow.
  3. When the SkyBell starts flashing Yellow, release the button; this initiates the reboot, completing the factory reset.
  4. The reboot process usually takes about one minute to finish.
  5. While the SkyBell is rebooting, remove the SkyBell device from the app on your smart device.
  6. Once the SkyBell begins flashing Red/Green alternately, re-add the SkyBell device to your Skybell app on your smart device.
  7. Reconnect the SkyBell to your home Wi-Fi network using the standard syncing process.

This sequence will effectively reset your SkyBell to its factory settings for a fresh start.

Step 3: Update Your Skybell App

Updating the Skybell app might resolve issues like your Skybell blinking red and green.

Start by downloading and launching the Skybell app from the app store. Sign in into the SkyBell app using your account details.

In case your account is new and lacking a connected SkyBell device, initiate the process by clicking on ‘Add a New SkyBell’. Sync your SkyBell device by placing it in ‘Sync Mode’.

This will lead your device to emit a red and green LED blink. Connect your smartphone to SkyBell’s temporary Wi-Fi network.

Then, go back to the Skybell app and select your home Wi-Fi network, enabling your SkyBell to connect to it. After successful configuration, give the app access to your phone’s microphone.

This entire process updates your Skybell app, potentially fixing the LED blinking issue.

What do Different Colored LED Lights Indicate on SkyBell HD Doorbell Indicate?

As a SkyBell HD Doorbell expert, understanding the significance of its LED light colors is fundamental.

  • When your SkyBell device exhibits a red-blue light, it signifies that it’s charging, requiring approximately 30 minutes to fully replenish.
  • A yellow light signals the device’s initial booting-up process.
  • If the device blinks an orange light, it indicates that it’s either waiting for a wireless connection or has lost one.
  • Seeing a blue-green light? Your device has successfully established a wireless connection.
  • Rapidly flashing yellow light? It’s a sign that the Bell is undergoing a factory reset, wiping all user settings back to default.
  • If the light is turning green in a rapid flash pattern, it means your device is getting ready to sync again after a reboot.
  • Red-green light indicates that your device is in wireless connection sync-ready mode.
  • A steady green light on your device assures that it’s ready to go.
  • A blinking white light shows that an incoming call is in progress.
  • Two flashes of red light suggest insufficient power issues.
  • If a blue-yellow light is blinking, a firmware update is currently taking place, typically completing in less than 3 minutes.

When to seek professional help for Skybell doorbell issues.

When faced with persistent issues with your Skybell doorbell that your own troubleshooting can’t resolve, that’s a clear sign you may need professional assistance.

Common issues may include your doorbell working erratically or not at all, or it may display error codes such as flashing red and green lights.

Keep in mind, Skybell doorbells require full-time access to power and a stable connection with your wired, analog doorbell chime. If these conditions aren’t met, trouble can rise.

Even if the doorbell worked perfectly before, issues can still emerge. While the manufacturer offers valuable resources online, like FAQ’s and how-to videos, sometimes it’s best to contact SkyBell’s customer support or speak to a professional for further help.

Remember: understanding your device is key to handling modern problems with modern solutions.