Why is My SkyBell Blinking Red and Blue? + How to Fix

re you perplexed by the blinking red and blue lights on your SkyBell video doorbell?

I can relate to the confusion and frustration that this issue can cause.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the reasons behind the blinking lights and provide you with effective solutions to fix the problem.

Resetting your SkyBell doorbell may be necessary, and I will explain the steps to take for a successful reset.

Stay tuned to uncover the causes of the blinking red and blue lights and discover how to resolve this issue, ensuring the proper functioning of your SkyBell video doorbell.

Why is My SkyBell Blinking Red and Blue?

If you’re like me, you might be wondering why my SkyBell is blinking red and blue. Your SkyBell smart video doorbell blinks red and blue primarily due to insufficient power to charge its battery.

To troubleshoot this issue, consider the type of device you have, digital or mechanical. For digital units, ensure a digital adapter is installed to provide adequate power.

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Additionally, inspect the device’s back for any signs of bulging or arching, particularly on the metal contacts. If these contacts appear pushed in, gently pull them out to allow proper charging.

If problems persist, perform a voltage meter reading, which may indicate the need to replace your transformer.

How to Fix blinking red and blue lights on your Skybell HD

Step 1: Check if Your SkyBell has power

As a first step in fixing the blinking red and blue lights on your SkyBell HD, ensure it’s getting ample power.

Consider whether your device is digital or mechanical. If it’s digital, a digital adapter might be required to power it up properly.

Observe any device malformation such as bulging or arching, and check the metal contacts at the back of your device to ensure they’re not pushed in, as this can hinder charging.

Pro tip: If needed, gently pull out the metal contacts. This entire process is crucial in troubleshooting your SkyBell’s power issue.

Step 2: Performing a Soft Reset of your Skybell HD Doorbell Camera

In my professional experience, if your SkyBell HD Doorbell Camera is flashing red and blue, a soft reset might be the best solution.

First, press and hold the doorbell button for about 45 seconds and monitor for changing LED patterns. The sequence should go from green to red-green and then blue.

When the blue light starts flashing, release the button, signaling the beginning of the reset operation. This process generally takes around a minute.

Finally, the doorbell will reconnect to your WiFi automatically, usually indicated by a steady green LED. Remember, the key to this is patience and observation of the LED patterns.

Step 3: Reinstall the SkyBell App

To remedy the blinking red and blue lights on your SkyBell HD, you can try reinstalling the SkyBell app. First, uninstall the existing app from your smart device.

Now, download it again from your respective app store by typing “Skybell app” and choose to download. After the successful installation, open the app and initiate the synchronizing process.

To do so, press and hold the SkyBell button for a minute till it starts flashing yellow. This is the sign that SkyBell is rebooting. During this reboot, delete the SkyBell device from the newly installed app.

As it begins to flash alternating red/green, add it back to your smart device’s app. Be sure to connect your SkyBell to your home Wi-Fi and fall back to the standard syncing process.

Remember, syncing after resetting is essential for the SkyBell’s functioning. This entire reboot process generally takes about a minute.

Step 4: Test Your Internet Connection

Start by confirming the WiFi reaches your Skybell, even with your front door closed. If the signal’s weak, move your router closer to the device.

Ensure your router emits a 2.4 GHz network; SkyBell can’t connect to 5 GHz-only networks. You also need a minimum upload speed of 1.5 Mbps, preferably 2 Mbps.

Other Color-Coded Lights to Help with Troubleshooting Your SkyBell

SkyBell’s LED light uses an intuitive color-coding system to communicate the status of your device.

  • A green light signifies a ready and operable device. This is the default color when everything is working as expected.
  • See red-blue flashing colors? That indicates your device is charging, typically needing up to half an hour.
  • If it’s rapidly flashing green, it implies that the device is transitioning into sync-ready mode.
  • A yellow light indicates that your device is booting up.
  • If the light shifts between red and green, it’s a sign that your device is ready for WiFi synchronization.
  • An orange double flash means that the device is either waiting for a WiFi connection or has lost its previous connection.
  • A blue-green light signals that the device has successfully connected to WiFi and is trying to connect to SkyBell servers.
  • A white light? That means that the device is in call mode – triggered by motion detection, a button prompt, or through viewer request.
  • Rapidly flashing blue indicates a power reset, while a red double flash spells insufficient power.
  • A rapidly flashing yellow light confirms a factory reset, while a blue-yellow sequence signifies a firmware update underway.

These color codes provide valuable insights into the current functioning and status of your Sky Bell, letting you troubleshoot issues in real time.

When to Contact SkyBell Support if your doorbell is flashing Red and Blue

If you observe that your Skybell doorbell is continuously flashing red and blue, it might be the right time to contact Skybell Support.

This typically signifies a power issue and you might need professional assistance to resolve it.

I highly recommend getting in touch with the Skybell Support team for dedicated help.

Ensure you have the relevant details handy such as model number, purchase date, and issue description to help expedite the process.

In your description, provide as much detail as possible including the color and pattern of blinking lights. Also, document any important observations that might help in diagnosing the problem more precisely.

You can reach out to Skybell Support either through their website’s contact form or via their dedicated hotline. Remember, identifying potential issues early can help prevent significant damage to your device.