Why Is My Ring Doorbell Stuck In Black And White Mode?

Ring Video Doorbells are designed to be simple and easy to use, but sometimes they get stuck in a “black and white” mode. When this happens, you may not be able to see the person at your front door. There are many reasons why Ring Doorbells might go into “black and white” mode; some of them include power outages or low battery levels, but there are also things that the user will do to make sure it doesn’t happen again after trying these procedures without success. The article will go over the different solutions on how to get Ring Video Doorbells out of black and white mode, which can be found below.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Stuck In Black And White Mode?

Ring Doorbells are a great way to keep your home safe, but sometimes people experience problems with them. One common issue is that the Ring Doorbell gets stuck in black and white mode. This can be caused by a loss of power or something else interrupting the signal. There are a few potential reasons why your Ring doorbell is stuck in black and white mode. One possibility is that you have the night mode enabled. Another reason may be that there is not enough light reaching the camera. If it’s a sunny day, for example, the camera may not be able to properly capture images in color. The final possible reason is that there is something blocking the light from reaching the camera, such as a shade or curtain.

The best way to fix this problem is by making sure everything is plugged into the right outlet and then turning off the power manually on your router and/or modem as well as unplugging it from your network if you’re not using Wi-Fi. Ring Doorbell triggers the black and white mode when multiple features are activated at once, so it’s important to make sure that only one feature is turned on at a time.

Ring Doorbell is designed to be versatile with modern-day requirements and has a lot of smart features that keep your house secure. Ring Doorbell videos are often stuck in black and white because there isn’t enough light or the shade on the door interrupts the signal. However, sometimes there is too much static caused by infrared lights which can also trigger night mode. The culprits for black and white video recordings include night mode, restricted daylight, and even lack of battery power if it’s not plugged into an outlet.

The term “night vision” includes the idea that it’s solid during nighttime. Night vision might be activated by a small red dot in the video, which is evidence that your device has not switched to its daytime mode. It’s possible for the ring doorbell to be stuck in black and white mode without this being related to daylight availability or anything else. If you’re having this problem, don’t worry-there is a solution! The solution involves getting your Ring Doorbell into color mode again.

How to fix Ring Doorbell Camera Showing Black and White

If your Ring Doorbell Camera is showing in black and white, you may need to adjust the settings on your camera. To do this:

Restart Your Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbells are a convenient way to monitor your property when you’re away. Though they can be an easy and inexpensive security solution, sometimes users may experience problems with their Ring Doorbell. There are many ways to fix a Ring doorbell that is stuck in black and white mode. One way is to restart the device. To do this, press on the ring button for 10 seconds.

There are two ways to reset your Ring Doorbell: for a hardwired system, unplug the doorbell before starting the reset process and it will take approximately 5 minutes. For a wireless system, remove the battery from the doorbell and wait 10 seconds before putting it back in. After that, hold down the black button on the front of your Ring Doorbell for five seconds until the light ring starts blinking orange.

Make Infrared Adjustments

Ring app settings can be changed if the options above don’t work. You can change them from normal to automated to see if that helps. The steps for changing the infrared settings on your Ring doorbell are shown below.

  • When you open your app, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Then, go to the settings on your phone or tablet and click on the Gear icon.
  • Now that you’ve made changes to the video settings, you should be able to choose night vision.
  • Choose Night Vision and set it to “Auto,” then.
  • For some reason, your Ring Doorbell may be stuck in night mode because of IR lights.

Change the Environment of the Doorbell Camera

This can be fixed by changing the environment of the doorbell camera. To do this, you will need to change the temperature and light settings of your room. You can do this by turning on a light or opening curtains in the room. The Ring Doorbell Camera also needs a certain amount of warmth to function properly, so you will need to make sure that the room is at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contact the Ring Technical Support Team

Ring Doorbell Camera showing black and white mode is a common issue that can be solved. The first thing to do when encountering this problem is to contact the Ring Technical Support Team. Ring.com will provide a list of contact options to choose from, including phone, email and live chat. Select the appropriate option for your needs and follow instructions to reach.


There are a few possible reasons why your Ring Doorbell may be stuck in black and white mode. One possibility is that you have the night mode enabled. Night mode can sometimes cause black-and-white images to appear on the Ring Doorbell. Another possibility is that there may be lighting issues that produce black-and-white images on the doorbell. Additionally, if your Ring Doorbell shade is obstructing the light coming into the camera, this could also cause an image to appear in black and white. We hope one of these solutions helps to fix your issue!