Why is My Eufy Doorbell Flashing or Blinking Red and Blue?

Why your Eufy Doorbell flashing or blinking red and blue?

I know how confusing it can be to see your doorbell signal out different lights and not know exactly what it means.

It’s like your Eufy device is speaking a language of its own.

Well, consider me your interpreter. With my extensive knowledge of LED behaviors, I’m here to demystify what these lights signify, from resetting your video doorbell to potential issues you may need to address.

Stick with me as I delve into the world of smart doorbells and unravel the mystery behind these blinking lights.

Buckle up because it’s time we decided just what your Eufy doorbell is trying to tell you!

Why is My Eufy Video Doorbell Camera flashing or Blinking Red and Blue?

It’s quite an unsettling sight, those blinking red and blue indicators flashing on your Eufy camera.

Like most people, you probably haven’t a clue why they’re suddenly there or how to make them stop.

Simply put, those lights are there to communicate something to you. A blue light on your Eufy camera signifies the device is set and ready, while a flashing red light could mean trouble, indicating your camera is disconnected from the internet.

An alternating red and blue flash, however, means the device’s firmware is updating. Interestingly, different Eufy camera models use different color indications. Hopefully, this helps you understand what those lights on your Eufy camera mean.

How to fix Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Flashing or Blinking Red and Blue.

When your eufy Doorbell Camera starts flashing a vibrant red and blue, it’s signaling a firmware upgrade in progress.

During this phase, your trusty Doorbell Camera takes a brief hiatus from operation, leaving you with one clear task: patience until the upgrade wraps up.

Firmware updates aren’t an everyday affair for eufy Doorbell Cameras, typically happening under the cover of night.

However, if you’re feeling proactive and want to kickstart the process manually, navigate to the “About Device” page in your app and seek out the “check for firmware/update” option.

In closing, while these eufy patterns and explanations are generally valid for most models, delving into the manual that accompanied your specific Doorbell Camera is the key to precise insights.

Each eufy Doorbell Camera manual packs a chart detailing LED indicators for your convenience.

Should these measures fail to halt the persistent flashing, don’t hesitate to connect with eufy’s customer support – they’ve got your back.


Why Your eufy Doorbell Camera Is Flashing Blue

A flashing blue light on your Eufy Doorbell Camera usually indicates that the device is ready for setup. This common occurrence often happens when you’ve just purchased your camera or it has been reset. The blue flash signifies successful network connection but the setup process isn’t complete. Persistently flashing blue light could symbolize that the camera is having difficulty connecting to your app device, despite being linked to your network.

Why Your eufy Doorbell Camera is Flashing Red

A Eufy Doorbell Camera flashing red could mean a few things. Primarily, it might be due to power issues. For instance, if the doorbell isn’t receiving proper voltages or the battery is low, the light turns red.

Moreover, this could also indicate that the camera’s night vision mode is activated. In this scenario, the red light isn’t a fault; it’s just an indicator of the mode.

Finally, a flashing red light on some Eufy Camera models, such as the Cam 2 and 2 Pro, may signify that the anti-theft alarm has been triggered. Rarely, the HomeBase 2 model flashes red when ready for setup.

Why is my Eufy base flashing red and blue?

If your Eufy base is flashing red and blue, it means your device is currently updating its firmware. Eufy devices are designed to automatically update their firmware whenever there’s a new version available. During this process, the LED indicator on your HomeBase will alternately blink red and blue. It’s critical during this time not to interrupt the update process to prevent any potential damage to your device.