Why Is My Arlo Doorbell Flashing Red And White?

You have an Arlo video doorbell and it is flashing red and white. It means something went wrong with the connection between your device and the base unit, or there’s a problem at the physical location where you’re using it. This article will show you how to fix this issue when all else fails.

Why Is My Arlo Doorbell Flashing Red And White?

If your Arlo Video Doorbell is flashing red and white, it means that the doorbell is not receiving enough power. The video doorbell is a great way to keep an eye on your front porch, even when you’re not home.

To start with, make sure that your internet is up and running by launching a web browser on a computer that has an actual internet connection. If your internet is working, try to power cycle all of the equipment you may have connected to the CPI. If these tips don’t work, then you can check out some of Willow’s World of DIY’s other videos for more help.

What The Arlo Doorbell LED Indicator Lights Mean Before And After Setup

  • Solid Amber or Red Light: This means that the Doorbell is not getting enough power. In order to make sure your doorbell is getting the correct 16-24V AC, you might want to call a professional electrician.
  • There is not enough voltage or the temperature is too low for your Doorbell to work. It could take up to 13 minutes for your battery to warm up, or for the battery inside to charge.
  • White: The doorbell has been pressed, and it wants to connect to a Wi-Fi network or a Hub.
  • Amber flashing: The Doorbell can’t find a wifi connection. There could also be a mistake when you scan the QR Code.
  • Solid white: The doorbell is working and needs to be set up.

What the Arlo Doorbell LED lights mean after you set them up:

  • Slow Breathing White: The doorbell is picking up on something.
  • The doorbell is linked to a call.
  • The Doorbell is ending a call.

Arlo Video DoorbellTroubleshooting: How To Fix Arlo Doorbell Blinking Red and White Light.

If your Arlo doorbell is blinking red, it means that you need to take some action in order to restore its function. This guide will help you troubleshoot the issue and get your system up and running again.

There are two main reasons why your Arlo doorbell might be blinking red: either the battery power is about to fail, or the doorbell has lost internet connection. In either case, this indicates that something is amiss and you must perceive things differently in order to set things right.

The first thing you should do is check the Arlo app to see if there’s an error message. If your doorbell is rapidly blinking red, it may indicate that the battery inside the doorbell is about to die. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the battery as soon as possible. You can find instructions on how to do this in our other article on replacing the Arlo video doorbell battery. It could also mean that your internet connection isn’t as reliable as it should be for your doorbell system to function properly.


The Arlo Doorbell is flashing red and white because there is a problem with the device. If you are seeing this flashing light, it means that you will need to take some steps to troubleshoot the issue. The most common reasons for this are low battery or no connection to the internet.