Are There Video Doorbells That Doesn’t Require A Subscription?

The first generation of video doorbells were too expensive for most people to afford, and those who owned them would pay a monthly subscription fee to use their product. This made it difficult for homeowners interested in this technology. Video doorbell companies are now coming out with newer models that don’t require a monthly subscription, making them more affordable for the average homeowner or renter on any budget.

It’s a great idea to buy a video doorbell, but the monthly subscription fee can really add up. We’ve found a list of the top 5 best smart video doorbells that do not require a monthly subscription fee on Amazon, so you can grab them quickly and start enjoying your new home security device.

Is There A Smart Video Doorbell That Doesn’t Require A Subscription?

Yes, there are a variety of smart video doorbells on the market, and many of them don’t require a subscription. This means that you don’t have to pay monthly fees in order to use the product. These video doorbells typically have a lower price point than traditional video doorbells, and they offer more features. For example, some of these doorbells can be controlled with a phone or computer, while others have their own built-in sensors.

There are a number of benefits to using video doorbells, including being able to see who is at the door, hearing notifications when someone rings the bell and having access to motion detection and other security features.

5 Best Smart Wireless Video Doorbell Camera without Subscription or Monthly Fee

There are many video doorbells on the market that do not require a subscription or monthly fee. These cameras can be purchased at your local hardware store, online retailers like Amazon and security stores. The 5 best smart wireless video doorbell cameras without a subscription or monthly fee are:

1. Eufy Security Smart Video Doorbell without Subscription

eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, Local Storage, Human Detection, with Wireless Chime–Requires Existing Doorbell Wires and Installation Experience, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA

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The Eufy Security Smart Video Doorbell is a wire-free video doorbell and Wi-Fi chime that does not require a subscription. It provides 120 days of security from a single charge, meaning you can have peace of mind that your home is protected for up to four months.

The Eufy Smart Video Doorbell doesn’t require a subscription, so it’s a great option for those who don’t want to commit to a monthly fee. Additionally, the camera has an advanced Wide Dynamic Range and 4:3 aspect ratio for a clear view of your home’s front porch. Plus, the slim and sleek design will complement any home’s exterior.

Setting up the Eufy Security Smart Video Doorbell is a breeze. In addition, the data is stored on the Wi-Fi doorbell, so you don’t have to worry about losing any footage. Plus, it features advanced encryption to keep your information safe. Finally, it requires a Micro-SD card to store footage.

2. Lorex Wireless Doorbell Camera without Subscription

Lorex 2K WiFi Doorbell Camera, Home Surveillance Wired Video Doorbell, Outdoor Security Camera System Requires Existing 16-24VAC Doorbell Wiring, White

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Lorex is a well-known home security brand that has been in the market for many years. This new model of their wireless doorbell camera is a departure from their traditional offerings, which were all connected to a subscription service. This camera can be used without subscribing to any service, which makes it more attractive to some consumers.

First and foremost, Lorex has a sleek design that does not require an internal battery, making it easier to install. Additionally, it has a few features that make it stand out above other wired doorbell models. These include night vision in color and the LED night light on the bottom edge which makes it perfect for use at night.

The Lorex wireless doorbell camera does not require a separate base station or remote chime. The camera itself contains a memory card that stores videos and the included memory card is 8GB. You can upgrade to a 128GB memory card if you like. Plus, any existing wired chimes work with the camera. The Lorex is a great wireless doorbell camera that does not require a subscription. It works with existing wired chimes and can be controlled by Amazon Echo and Google smart displays. The doorbell camera features are also best in class for a wired-only model.

3. Morecam Video Doorbell without Monthly Fee

WiFi Video Doorbell Camera, Morecam Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime, 1080P HD, Motion Detection, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, IP65 Waterproof, No Monthly Fee(32 GB SD Card Included) & Cloud Storage

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The Morecam digital doorbell is perfect for those looking for a high-quality product without having to pay for a subscription. It’s very easy to install and comes with cloud storage so that you can access your videos from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about any tangled mess of wires or outlets. The built-in rechargeable battery means that you can use it even if there’s no power outlet nearby. Plus, the camera and chime are both wireless, so you can place them however you want.

The Morecam Video Doorbell is a great option for those looking for a wireless doorbell camera without having to pay a monthly fee. It has a $100 price tag, full HD 1080p resolution, night vision, 2-way audio, and IP65 waterproofing. Additionally, it includes a 32GB SD card so you can record footage locally. The motion sensor helps to minimize false alarms. This doorbell has night vision up to 32ft, and the battery can last between 60 and 120 days on a full charge. Additionally, if the battery runs out, the controller app on your smartphone will alert you. The Morecam Video Doorbell also connects to wired doorbell systems and offers a 2-way audio feature.

CloudEdge App can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store quickly and easily, making it compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, it does not support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa at the time of this post.

4. Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

SkyBell SH02300SL HD WiFi Video Doorbell, Silver

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The Skybell HD is a wireless video doorbell camera that does not require a subscription or monthly fee. The Skybell HD has a free and unlimited cloud for storage, meaning you can get your footage whenever you want. Motion detection with the Skybell HD may not quite be on par with some of the other doorbells on this list. The picture quality of the Skybell HD’s camera is praised by most users, but there are reports of compatibility issues between it and Android phones.

The Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is the best smart wireless video doorbell camera without a subscription or monthly fee because it has a 180-degree field of view, records in 1080p full HD, and has 5x zoom. Additionally, it performs better than other doorbell cameras at night videos. It has full-colour night vision, so you can see what’s happening at your door no matter what time of day it is. This doorbell also has motion detection, so you’ll be notified when someone is at your door, even if they don’t ring the bell.

5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 – Best with great features

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 – Best-in-class with cutting-edge features (existing doorbell wiring required) – 2021 release

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The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the next-generation version of our popular, award winning wired doorbell. The new model upgrades all those great things we already love about this incredible device such as 1080p video quality which makes it easier than ever before possible see who’s outside condo walls while ensuring no one hides from view.

The device is hardwired to your existing doorbell wiring and comes with a chime inside, making it ideal for those who want around-the-clock power and peace of mind. Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-quality video doorbell without a subscription.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a great choice for those looking for features like built-in Alexa greetings, three-dimensional motion detection, and HD+ video. Additionally, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 has privacy settings that can help keep your home more secure. It sends alerts to your phone with advanced motion settings and gives you a more accurate real-time alert. In addition, you can get a bird’s eye view of your property to track motion around your home. The Ring Protect Plan subscription is sold separately and allows you to save videos, review past activity, and more.

Benefits of Using Wireless Video Doorbells without Subscription

Wireless video doorbells are a great alternative to traditional doorbells. They are easy to install and use, and you no longer have to depend on anyone else to answer your door when someone is there. With the doorbell connected to your smartphone, you can get notifications even if you’re away from home. This allows you to keep an eye on your home at all times.

A wireless video doorbell is a great way to keep an eye on your home when you’re away. You can get real-time notifications on your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world. Plus, there are no ongoing fees or subscriptions required to use a wireless video doorbell.

What to consider when buying Smart Video Doorbells without Subscription

Design and Compatibility

The design and compatibility of a wireless doorbell should be the first things to think about. After all – it’s one of the first things that somebody will see when they approach your house, isn’t it? There are many different types of video doorbells with different designs and colors available on today’s market. Design-wise, you need not have any worries when it comes to our top five picks.

Waterproofing and Materials

When waterproofing your doorbell, it’s important to consider the weather conditions in your area. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions, it’s a good idea to choose a doorbell that is made from a durable material that can withstand rain and snow.


Installation is an important factor to consider. Make sure the wireless doorbell you choose has a simple installation process that doesn’t take too long or requires any special tools or skillsets.

Mode of Storage

You should consider the mode of storage (local or cloud). Most cloud storage may require an active subscription.

Field of View

Consider the field of view when buying a Smart Video Doorbell. Look for a video doorbell with a wide-angle lens to capture a large area in front of your home. If you’re less concerned about security, choose a video doorbell with a smaller field of view.

Video Resolution and Frame Rate

The video resolution and frame rate of a video doorbell are important factors to consider. The resolution is the number of pixels in each direction. High-resolution doorbells produce a clear image, while low-resolution video doorbells may appear blurry and pixelated. Frame rate is the number of frames per second that a video doorbell records. High frame rates allow for smoother recording and playback, while low frame rates may result in choppy footage.

Night Vision

You will want to make sure the video doorbell you choose can provide good video quality at night. A video doorbell with an infrared night vision lighting system will be able to record footage in dark areas.

Motion Sensor Detection

Look for video doorbells with motion detection capabilities.

Smartphone Compatibility

Make sure the video doorbell you are considering is compatible with smartphones and can be controlled with the apps on your smartphone.

Chime Compatibility

Consider the design and compatibility of a video doorbell with your existing doorbell wiring system and chimes.

Two-Way Communication

Consider video doorbells that include a two-way communication system. Two-way audio is another of our favorite things that come with video doorbells.

Wired or Battery Powered

The type of doorbell you choose will determine the power source. Wired doorbells need to be connected to a transformer, while battery-powered ones can work with any rechargeable battery. Wired doorbells are more expensive, but if you live in an area with a lot of power outages, then the battery-powered ones will be no good.

Wireless Capability

The wireless capability of the doorbell is important to consider. If you feel like your home has a lot of dead zones, it might be worth upgrading to a Wi-Fi enabled device with a good range.

Value for Money

You should consider the features that are valuable to you and prioritize those that are the most important.


Do I need a subscription for a video doorbell?

No, you do not need a subscription to use a video doorbell. There are many different types of video doorbells on the market, and most will work with your existing home Wi-Fi network. Some may require a subscription to use their cloud service, but even then you can still use the doorbell without it.

Can Ring Video Doorbells Work Without a Subscription?

Yes, there are video doorbells that don’t require a subscription. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is one of them. It does not require a monthly fee to run. however, you can get the Ring Protect subscription if you want cloud storage and continuous recording.

What is the best video doorbell without a subscription?

The Eufy 2K video doorbell is our best overall video doorbell that does not require a subscription to work. It offers installation options, secure local storage and extensive smart motion features. One factor is the quality of the product itself, and Eufy is a good company with a good reputation. They offer decent support and quality products. Another important consideration is the features of the doorbell. The Eufy 2K Video Doorbell offers a good mix of installation options, secure local storage and extensive smart motion features. Customers like the product based on features, utility, performance and customer feedback.

Can you get a video doorbell without subscription?

Yes, you can get a video doorbell without a subscription. These devices work by connecting wirelessly to your smartphone and allowing you to see who is at your door even when you’re not home.