Top Video Doorbell Cameras That Records 24/7 (Continuously)

As technology continues to advance, video doorbells have become a popular addition to homes and businesses worldwide. These smart devices provide an added layer of security by allowing users to monitor their surroundings and identify potential threats remotely.

However, not all video doorbells are created equal, and finding one that offers continuous 24/7 recording can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the best video doorbell camera with continuous video recording capabilities.

Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your property while you’re away or want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, we’ve got you covered.


Best Video Doorbell camera with 24/7 continuous recording for home security

1. Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) 

The Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) is an excellent choice for video doorbells because it offers a variety of features that make it stand out. It has 24/7 recording, so you can keep an eye on things even when you’re not around.

It also comes with facial recognition and reliable smart alerts, so you’ll know who’s at your door. Plus, the video quality is excellent with 6x zoom and HDR, so you can clearly see what’s going on at your doorstep. Plus, with night vision, you’ll have a clear view, even in the dark.

Additionally, it comes with free video recording, so you can store your recordings and access them anytime. This makes the Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) the ideal choice for people who want reliable security and monitoring.

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a great choice for home security due to its robust set of features. It has a wide, tall field of view (150 degrees by 150 degrees of coverage) that captures everything at your door, plus an array of sensors, including radar, that gives you accurate alerts and the ability to reconstruct the path a visitor took to your door.

The doorbell is hardwired and comes with an installation guide and the Pro Power Kit. The setup is easy to follow and comes with all the required tools to install the doorbell.

Additionally, the Doorbell Pro 2 is able to record a short clip of video prior to motion detection, which helps you gain a better understanding of what happened before the camera was triggered.

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 also has motion detection that can be set up to 30 feet away and will only send accurate alerts with few false motion alerts, thanks to the radar technology and motion detection algorithms.

The Bird’s Eye View feature uses satellite mapping data and radar to map the path of visitors and can be viewed in real-time or when viewing a recorded clip.

Finally, the Doorbell Pro 2 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can ask them to show you a live feed from the Pro 2, use your smart devices as electronic wireless chimes, or turn on Alexa Greetings to answer your door if you’re not home.

The video doorbell we’re discussing today boasts a variety of features that make it a versatile option for any homeowner.

It can be powered by either a battery or existing doorbell wiring, providing flexibility in installation. Additionally, the device is equipped with 1080p video, two-way talk, and night vision capabilities, ensuring clear visuals and communication even in low-light conditions.

Although it is slightly larger than the Nest Hello, installing it in a different location is not a difficult task, especially if opting to run it off the battery. It is worth noting that like Nest Hello, a subscription is required to access cloud storage for recorded footage.

However, the monthly subscription fee for the basic plan is reasonably priced at $3 and offers video storage for up to 60 days.

3. Eufy Pro Wired Doorbell 2K

The Eufy Pro Wired Doorbell 2K is a great choice for video doorbell surveillance, as it offers a variety of features to ensure your home is secure.

These features include 2K video resolution with HDR, five-day continuous recording, 32GB of internal storage, motion and doorbell button-activated recording, two-way audio, facial snapshot notifications, IP65 weatherproof rating, compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, customizable responses, eight doorbell sound options, and a separate wireless chime.

With all of these features, the Eufy Pro Wired Doorbell 2K provides an easy and reliable way to keep an eye on your home.

To enable the 24/7 recording feature by Eufy, you’ll need to have a good-sized SD card installed at a minimum. eufy indoor cameras support up to 128 GB of cards, and I’d recommend at least 64 GB of storage because full HD, 24/7 recordings can fill up a 32GB (or smaller) card quite quickly – in less than a day, potentially.

Does a doorbell camera record 24/7?

No, a doorbell camera does not record 24/7. Most doorbell cameras are designed for event-based recording and will only record when the camera is triggered, sending a notification to your phone so you don’t miss the clip.

There are a few cameras that do record all the time, such as the Google Nest Doorbell (wired), which requires a subscription plan to record 24/7.

Most doorbell cameras will record for around 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to review footage from the day before. If you’re not a fan of the Nest Hello but still want 24/7 recording, you can check out Ring Doorbell Pro 2

How Video Recording on Doorbell Cameras Work

Event-based recording (EBR)

Event-Based Recording (EBR) is a recording system used in video doorbell cameras in which the doorbells record video only when they detect any event (motion or movement). This method is used to detect and record any specific event and helps to save time and energy by avoiding the need to go through long recordings.

The motion detector in the doorbell camera is used to trigger the recording when any movement is detected. Besides, users can also enable the live view of the doorbell camera via their smartphone app.

Schedule-Based Recording (SBR)

Schedule-Based Recording is another option by which users can set a schedule of when to record the events on the doorbell camera. This recording system allows users to define the start and end time for the recording and the camera will automatically start and stop recording at the set times.

Schedule-Based Recording (SBR) is a feature that allows users to set a schedule for when their video doorbell should start and end recording. The doorbell will then start recording at the set time, and stop when the schedule ends.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use SBR with your doorbell camera:

  1. Access the settings of your video doorbell camera and select the ‘Schedule-Based Recording’ option.
  2. Set the times for when you want the recording to start and end.
  3. Save the settings and the recording will start and end at the specified times.
  4. You can also access the recording through the Ring mobile app to watch a live view and take snapshots at regular intervals.
  5. The recordings will be stored in cloud storage or other storage options.

By using the Schedule-Based Recording feature, users can easily locate the exact event that occurred at the specified times, and enjoy the continuous update of the surroundings.

Continuous Video Recording (CVR)

Continuous Video Recording (CVR) is a feature that allows doorbell cameras to record all the time (24/7). This feature is not commonly found in many doorbell cameras because it requires a large storage capacity and a higher price to successfully provide the feature. CVR can be found in the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, which requires a subscription to the Nest Aware Plus account in order to view the 24/7 recordings.

These methods of recording events on doorbell cameras are usually enough for most people, as doorbell cameras are used mainly to detect and notify when someone arrives at the door. However, if someone wants to view a 24-hour recording history, then doorbells like Nest doorbells that always record are a better option.

What Triggers Doorbells to Start Recording?

Doorbells are triggered to start recording by a variety of factors. The most common trigger is when someone presses the doorbell or crosses the camera’s field of view.

Other triggers can include sound, motion, and even ringing the doorbell. Some doorbell cameras also have sound detection capabilities, so they can start recording when they detect a loud noise, such as a knock on the door or a window breaking.

Motion detection can also be fine-tuned in many doorbell cameras, so you can choose how sensitive you want the camera to be. Additionally, some doorbells have a Schedule-Based Recording system, so you can set a specific schedule for when to record the events.

What factors should you consider when choosing a video doorbell that records 24/7?

Quality of the video

When evaluating the quality of a video doorbell that records 24/7, there are a few key factors to consider. First, it’s important to look at the video quality. Look for models that capture video at 1080p resolution or greater, such as the Nest Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, for the most detail.

Overall, when choosing a video doorbell that records 24/7, make sure to consider the video quality, power source, specific alerts, and storage options to ensure you’re getting the best product for your needs.

Security and protection

When choosing a video doorbell that records 24/7, there are several security and protection factors that need to be taken into consideration. Comparing and contrasting two of the most popular doorbells on the market, Nest Hello and Ring, it’s important to look at the features they offer.

Nest Hello is the only doorbell that can do 24/7 recording, but it requires a subscription plan to access this feature. This doorbell offers 1080p video, two-way talk, night vision, facial recognition, and video cloud storage for up to 30 days. It also hooks up to existing doorbell wiring and cannot be battery-powered like the Ring doorbell.

Battery and Power

If you opt for a wired doorbell, you’ll have the advantage of 24/7 recording, as well as other advanced features like a wider field of view, active alerts, wider device compatibility, and better zoom capability. However, you’ll need to make sure the doorbell is compatible with your existing doorbell wiring. On the other hand, if you opt for a battery-powered doorbell, you won’t be able to record continuously, as the batteries would need to be recharged every day.


Which video doorbells have 24 7 recording?

When it comes to video doorbells with 24/7 recording, the Nest Hello is the only option on the market. It has 1080p video, HDR capabilities, two-way talk, night vision, facial recognition, and video cloud storage for up to 30 days. The only downside is that you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $5 for the Nest Aware Plus subscription to get 24/7 recording.

Can a Ring doorbell record all the time?

No, a Ring doorbell does not record all the time. Most doorbell cameras are designed for event-based recording, meaning they record when they are triggered or “told” to do so by motion detection. This helps to save on storage space, power, and battery life.

While there is one doorbell camera, the Nest Hello, that does record all the time, it requires a subscription plan and is more expensive than other models.

Do Eufy Cameras And Doorbells Support Continuous 24/7 Recording?

Yes, some of Eufy’s products, such as the Indoor Cam 2K, Solo OutdoorCam and 2K Pro Wired doorbell, support 24/7 continuous recording to local storage. However, other eufy products do not yet offer 24/7 recording support.

Eufy’s non-Solo Outdoor cameras and non-Pro eufy doorbells (battery version) are unlikely to support 24/7 recording due to battery drainage. The eufy doorbell (wired version) does not support expandable storage, which may limit its capability to support constant recordings.

Do Doorbell Cameras Record All the Time?

No, doorbell cameras do not record all the time. Most models are designed for event-based recording, meaning they will only record when the camera is triggered and send a notification to your phone. However, there are some cameras, such as the Nest Doorbell, that can record 24/7 if you sign up for a subscription plan.