How to Reset Blink Video Doorbell Camera

How to Reset Blink Video Doorbell Camera: As a Blink doorbell owner, I know how vital it is to have this handy device working properly.

Despite being reliable, the Blink doorbell camera occasionally encounters issues, just like any other electronic device.

Connection troubles, lagging video feed, or some unexplained glitches may necessitate a reset.

That’s where I come in, to help our readers get back to their seamless Blink experience.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to properly reset your Blink doorbell camera, enabling you to troubleshoot those pesky issues in no time.

Remember, resetting will wipe out all your device’s settings and configurations, so you’ll also learn how to set it up again.

Why might you need to reset your Blink Doorbell?

As a Blink doorbell user, I understand that sometimes things don’t work quite as they’re supposed to.

There may be times when my device seems to improperly function, perhaps not recording events correctly or sending false alarm notifications which would require me to reset it.

Maybe, it’s suffering from connectivity issues, frequently losing its sync with my WiFi network.

It could be that specific personal settings I’ve customized aren’t taking effect, or the device is performing sluggishly and isn’t as responsive as before.

Worse still, there might be times when the doorbell just outrightly freezes up on me and won’t function at all.

Even more common is when I want to hand over the device to a new user, a reset is often the most straightforward way to wipe my preferences and allow them to start fresh.

These are some of the reasons I might need to reset my Blink video doorbell.

Is there a reset button on the Blink doorbell?

I can say that Blink doorbell does indeed have a reset button. It’s found on the back or bottom of the camera, easily recognized by a pin-sized hole. The role of this button is crucial for resetting your Blink doorbell camera back to factory settings.

However, it’s important to know that the procedure to reset usually involves power cycling the device rather than pressing the reset button.

Whenever you need to reset the device, you simply remove the batteries, wait several seconds, then reinsert them. Interestingly, this process doesn’t remove customized settings.

While the reset button is there, its use isn’t commonly recommended unless specifically advised by Blink’s customer service.

How to Reset Blink Video Doorbell Camera to Factory Settings

Step 1: Gather the Required Tools to reset your Blink Doorbell Camera

To reset your Blink doorbell camera, you’ll need a few things ready.

  • Start by grabbing a small, pointed object, like a paperclip or pin to press the reset button.
  • You’ll also need a clean cloth or tissue to brush off any grime near the reset area.
  • Finally, ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection for post-reset setup.

As an expert tip, ensure your object is small enough for the reset button slot. Now, you’re all set for the reset.

Step 2: Locate the Reset Button

To locate the reset button on your Blink Video Doorbell Camera, check the back or bottom of the device for a small pin-sized opening.

If you’re struggling to find it, consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website for guidance.

Make sure to handle the camera gently to prevent any damage to the crucial reset button.

Once found, you can move onto the next steps of the reset process.

Step 3: Press and Hold the Reset Button

Go on and put that paperclip into the button opening and press gently, yet firmly, hold it there for about 10 to 15 seconds.

You’ll know the resetting is underway if you see the LED light flash or change color.

Remember, consistency is key, so keep the button pressed for the full duration to achieve a full reset.

Step 4: Wait for the Camera to Reset

Keep an eye on the LED light—it may flash or change colors, signaling that the camera is resetting. Wait patiently for this light to stabilize. Remember, the reset process can take up to a couple of minutes.

During this period, ensure your camera is powered on and the Wi-Fi connection is steady.

Any disruptions could cause the reset to fail.

Once the LED light is stable, your camera has successfully reset and you’re set to reconfigure it.

Step 5: Set Up the Doorbell Camera Again

After resetting your Blink doorbell camera, setting it back up is quite straightforward.

Begin by launching the Blink app on your smartphone. Remember, you must sign in with your registered email and password.

Once logged in, tap on “Add a Blink System”.

You’ll then need to connect your doorbell camera to your Wi-Fi by following the on-screen instructions.

If everything is done right, the app will detect your camera.

At this point, personalize your settings for motion detection sensitivity, notifications, and recording duration.

Hit “Finish Setup” or “Save” to wrap up.

Now, your camera is all set to function!

Encounter any setup hiccups?

Blink’s customer support or the in-app help section can guide you through them.

Enjoy your restored peace of mind with the operational Blink doorbell camera.