How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera from Being Stolen

Welcome to the world of smart home devices, where everything from your lights to your thermostat can be controlled by a single tap on your phone. Among these devices, the Ring doorbell camera has become a must-have for homeowners and apartment renters alike.

With its advanced features like live video and motion detection, it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting for this high-tech gadget to keep their homes secure. However, with the rise in popularity comes the rise in theft.

Yes, you read that right – thieves are now targeting Ring doorbells! But fear not, fellow Ring owners, for we have got your back.

In this blog, we’ll share some savvy tips and tricks to help you prevent your Ring doorbell camera from being stolen.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Ring doorbell security!

Can Ring Video Doorbell Camera be Stolen?

Yes, a Ring Video Doorbell Camera can be stolen. Due to its demand, price, and prominent position on the front of a home, it can be an attractive target for thieves. Without an anti-theft mount, thieves can unscrew several screws and rip out the wiring, easily stealing the device.

However, Ring offers back plates and security screws to prevent the doorbell from falling and being stolen. As well, the device records everything as it is being taken, and Ring will replace the stolen doorbell as long as the evidence is provided.

It is important to keep the device out of sight and properly secured to prevent theft.

Why Would Someone Steal a Ring Doorbell?

There are several reasons why someone might steal a Ring Doorbell camera. One motive is the high resale value of the device, which can be sold online or through pawnshops. Another reason could be to gain access to the camera’s footage, especially if the thief is trying to destroy evidence of another crime.

The ease of removing the device from its mounting also makes it an attractive target for theft. More, the high cost of the device and its popularity as a security system may also make it a target for thieves.

How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera from Being Stolen

Secure the Ring Doorbell to a Sturdy Wall

To secure your Ring Doorbell to a sturdy wall and prevent it from being stolen, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a sturdy wall made of concrete, plaster, stucco, brickwork, or render.
  2. Use a drill, longer screws, and rawl plugs to attach the doorbell directly to the wall.
  3. Hold the doorbell against the wall in the desired location and mark the spots where you will drill the holes.
  4. Drill the holes into the wall and insert the rawl plugs.
  5. Align the doorbell with the holes and screw it onto the wall using the longer screws.
  6. Make sure the doorbell is securely attached to the wall and test it to ensure it works properly.

By following these steps, you can make it difficult for a thief to steal your Ring Doorbell. Remember, thieves are all about acting quickly, so the more time it takes for them to figure out how to steal your device, the more likely they are to give up and move on to an easier target.

Fit your Ring doorbell with a Protective hard Cover or case

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Tamper-Proof Cover for Ring Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, Battery Doorbell Plus


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To fit your Ring doorbell with a protective hard cover or case, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Ring hard case or cover from Amazon or another retailer.
  2. Remove your Ring doorbell from its mount.
  3. Insert the Ring doorbell into the hard case or cover, making sure it is properly aligned.
  4. Screw the Ring doorbell and hard case or cover back onto the mount.
  5. Test your Ring doorbell to ensure that it is still functioning properly with the new cover.

Using a hardcover or case for your Ring doorbell provides several benefits. It deters thieves by making it more difficult to remove the device from its mount, protects the device from weather damage, and adds an extra layer of security to your home.

By following these simple steps, you can easily fit your Ring doorbell with a protective hard cover or case and enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with it.

Installing an Additional Security Camera

We recommend you purchase the Ring Spotlight Security Camera for this purpose. To install an additional security camera to deter potential thieves from stealing your Ring Doorbell Camera, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a location: Determine the best location for your additional camera. It should be in a place that is well-concealed and provides a clear view of your Ring Doorbell Camera.
  2. Get the right tools: You will need a drill, screws, and a ladder to install the camera.
  3. Drill holes: Use the drill to create holes in the wall where you want to mount the camera.
  4. Mount the camera: Once you have drilled the holes, mount the camera using screws.
  5. Connect the camera: Connect the camera to your home’s Wi-Fi network by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Test the camera: Ensure that the camera is working correctly by checking the live feed on your phone or computer.

Having an additional security camera is essential for added security and peace of mind. By strategically placing the camera, you can monitor your Ring Doorbell Camera and the area surrounding it.

Remember to take necessary precautions such as ensuring the camera is well-concealed and using power over Ethernet cameras for better reliability.

With these steps, you can install an additional camera to deter potential thieves from stealing your Ring Doorbell Camera and keep your home safe.

Always Check The Ring Notifications and Alerts

To prevent your Ring Doorbell Camera from being stolen, it’s crucial to regularly check notifications and alerts from the Ring app.

 How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera from Being Stolen

The app is great at giving you notifications when the camera detects motion, but too many notifications can be overwhelming.

However, it’s important not to ignore them as they could alert you of a possible thief. Here’s a concise guide on how to check Ring notifications and alerts:

  1. Open the Ring app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner, then select Devices.
  3. Select your compatible video doorbells, such as the Video Doorbell (2020) or Doorbell Pro 2.
  4. Select Motion Settings, then Smart Alerts.
  5. Customize the push notifications for your Ring device on your smartphone.
  6. Set up your notifications so that any motion detected on the doorbell will ping your camera immediately, which will help you quickly notice if someone is trying to steal your camera.
  7. Check the notification every time you receive it, and make sure to respond if there’s any suspicious activity.
  8. Customize the tone of your doorbell’s notification to clarify it from other notifications.
  9. Make sure that your doorbell is configured correctly and attached to the spot precisely.
  10. Use the Package section under Smart Alerts to select the video icon, which will help you detect suspicious activity and prevent theft.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you’re staying on top of your Ring notifications and alerts, and taking the necessary steps to prevent your Ring Doorbell Camera from being stolen.

Remember to check the Ring app regularly, customize your notifications, and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Putting up a Sign helps to deter criminals

Putting up a sign can be a simple yet effective way to deter criminals from stealing your Ring Doorbell Camera. Studies have shown that signs indicating the presence of a security system can reduce the chances of theft by up to 30%.

How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera from Being Stolen: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Your Device from Getting Theft

It is recommended to use signs that note the name of the security company, as these signs are generally only available to customers.

Alternatively, signs that indicate the use of security cameras or the presence of dogs can also be effective. The key is to let potential thieves know that your property is protected and not an easy target.

Get a Grid Box to The Power Cable

Using a grid box to secure the power cable of your Ring Doorbell Camera is an effective way to prevent theft and tampering. The grid box is a metal cage-like structure that goes around your camera, making it harder for thieves to steal or damage it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install it:

  1. Purchase a metal grid box that is smaller than your Ring Doorbell Camera.
  2. Place the grid box over the camera so that the camera lens and button are visible through the mesh.
  3. Use screws to attach the grid box to the wall or door frame, ensuring that it is securely in place.
  4. Thread the power cable through the mesh of the grid box to secure it in place.

By using a grid box, you can protect your Ring Doorbell Camera from theft and tampering while maintaining a clear view of your property.

How to secure ring doorbell from theft

How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera from Being Stolen

Securing your Ring doorbell camera is crucial to prevent theft and protect your home. Leaving it vulnerable can result in losing valuable footage and compromising your security.

  1. To secure your Ring doorbell camera, start by choosing the right location and mounting it properly.
  2. Use security screws and a security screwdriver to make it harder for thieves to remove it. As well, place a warning sign to deter potential thieves and subscribe to Ring Protect Plan to store and access footage.
  3. It is also recommended to install an anti-theft grid box and outdoor security cameras with built-in lights and sirens.

Why should you prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen?

Preventing your Ring Doorbell Camera from being stolen is crucial to ensure the security of your home and personal safety. If your device is stolen, you lose the ability to monitor who comes to your door and any potential security threats.

Moreover, the stolen device may contain sensitive information and video footage that can be exploited by criminals.

Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures such as installing a protective case and securely attaching the device to the wall to deter theft and safeguard your investment.


Does the Ring Doorbell Camera have motion sensors?

The Ring Doorbell Camera has motion sensors that detect any movement within its radius. The camera can capture video as soon as it detects any movement, which can help prevent theft. You can temporarily disable notifications and motion recording by turning off the Ring doorbell motion sensitivity and Ring motion alerts.

Does Ring Doorbell have theft protection?

Ring doorbell does not have a dedicated theft protection feature, but users can take steps to prevent theft. Some of these measures include installing an anti-theft grid box, using an outdoor Ring camera with a built-in light and siren, attaching the doorbell firmly to the wall, and purchasing a security yard sign.

What happens if someone steals your doorbell camera?

If someone steals your doorbell camera, you should report the theft to the police immediately, take pictures of the damage, download video from the cloud, and monitor your area for suspicious individuals.

You cannot track your doorbell because it does not have GPS capability, so the best way to track it down is to determine who might have taken it and report that to the police. Some manufacturers like Ring and Google Nest may replace your doorbell for free if you qualify.

Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Still Be Used?

Yes, a stolen Ring Doorbell can be used if the thief resets and re-registers it under a new account. However, the camera will no longer work once it loses its Wi-Fi connection, and all recorded footage will be lost.

Ring has policies in place to assist customers in these situations, such as blocking the device’s MAC code to prevent re-registration under a new account.

It is crucial to report the theft to the police and Ring technical support as soon as possible to prevent the thief from accessing personal information or footage.

Can Thieves Block Ring Doorbells?

Yes, it is possible for thieves to block Ring Doorbells by using a Wi-Fi jammer to block the signal to and from the doorbell. This can prevent the doorbell from capturing video as it is being stolen.

However, there are ways to prevent this from happening. One option is to pair the Ring Doorbell with the Ring Alarm, which has a cellular backup system that can still sound the alarm if someone tries to break in.

Another option is to use Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras, which Ring also sells. Also, using security screws and backplates can make it more difficult for thieves to remove the doorbell. It’s important to ensure that your network is properly secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Can stolen ring doorbell be traced?

Unfortunately, there is no way to trace a stolen Ring doorbell camera as it does not have GPS tracking. Once disconnected from Wi-Fi and its power source, the camera feed becomes inaccessible. However, if you have a Ring subscription plan, the recorded footage of the theft will be stored in the cloud and can be used as evidence by the police to trace the suspect.