See How Ecobee’s New Smart Doorbell Connects to its Thermostat

Today, I am excited to introduce a groundbreaking innovation from Ecobee that will revolutionize the way I control my home’s temperature and security.

In this post, I will be exploring Ecobee’s latest creation: the Smart Doorbell. Unlike any other doorbell on the market, this cutting-edge device not only lets me see who’s at my door but also seamlessly connects to Ecobee’s renowned smart thermostats.

Imagine effortlessly adjusting my home’s temperature as I greet my guests or receive a package!

With no unnecessary embellishments, I will dive straight into the details of how this remarkable synergy between the Smart Doorbell and Ecobee’s thermostat can transform my daily life.

How the New Ecobee smart doorbell beams video to thermostat screen

How the New Ecobee smart doorbell beams video to thermostat screen

Ecobee’s new Smart Doorbell Camera takes advantage of a one-of-a-kind integration with the company’s Smart Thermostat Premium.

Incorporating a video clip recording feature, the smart doorbell camera not only feeds a live stream to the thermostat screen but also records motion, people, and package deliveries.

This synchronization allows video clips from the doorbell’s camera to display directly on the thermostat screen.

As part of the ecobee products lineup, this is the first time such doorbell setup and integration has been achieved, introducing users to a Real-Time monitoring system without needing additional devices or applications.

This unique connection sets the Ecobee smart doorbell apart from other typical smart doorbells, redefining product info by incorporating Smart Sensors and adding an extra layer of security to your doorstep.

Ecobee’s New smart Doorbell: A Preview

As the most recent addition to Ecobee’s lineup, the Smart Doorbell Camera is creating a buzz in the smart home sphere.

This innovative product, notably made of high-grade materials like an aluminum alloy back casing, offers enhanced reliability and robustness— characteristics seen in the numerous positive ecobee reviews.

Along with a sleek design, the Smart Doorbell Camera also introduces advanced features such as whole home chime capability.

This allows homeowners to hear the doorbell chime from anywhere in the house or even when away, projected through any Alexa- or HomeKit-compatible speaker, Ecobee thermostat, camera, and even your phone.

Its unique offering of a robust 175-degree field of view, crystal-clear 1080p HD quality visuals, and real-time alerts for people and parcel deliveries has been well audience-received.

See How Ecobee's New Smart Doorbell Connects to its Thermostat

The IP65 rating, indicative of hardwired-only doorbell cameras, ensures the device’s ability to withstand extreme weather variations, embodying the promises of exceptional durability and consistent reliability in Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell.

The Smart Doorbell stands as a testament to Ecobee’s commitment to providing robust, all-weather solutions to smart home security.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to leverage these features for home protection and don’t miss out on our upcoming in-depth reviews.

Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera (wired)

Vertical field of view, low-light vision

The Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera possesses a 175-degree vertical field of view, a feature that sets it apart in the field of doorbell cameras.

This wide view allows you to see visitors from head to toe and even crates or packages delivered right to your doorstep.

Added to this impressive feature is the advanced radar verification, which drastically enhances the camera’s motion, person, and package detection capabilities.

Even when light conditions are sub-optimal, the camera performs stellarly. Its low-light vision and cinematic 1080p HD video ensure crystal-clear images, regardless of the time of day or the outside lighting conditions.

Plus, the inclusion of an Activity Zone—a customized area on a front porch or walkway where the doorbell camera will focus for motion and person detection—significantly refines the notifications you receive.

This is further augmented by powerful sensors that display color images as the sun goes down and provide high-quality images in full darkness.

These features assure you of peace of mind throughout the day and night, backed by the security that comes from multiple layers of intelligence, including secure boot and TLS / SSL with 128-bit AES.

Always-on security

For homeowners who value round-the-clock security, Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell delivers in spades.

Their on-device processing ubiquitously monitors your doorstep, saves data locally, and can even sound a siren alarm when armed with Smart Security — all reducing reliance on your network bandwidth and keeping your video data secure.

This approach not only detects real-time motion but also increases efficiency by reducing false alarms.

Increasing the robust security measures is the doorbell’s auto shut-down feature when family members are around, along with the incorporation of a unique ‘siren a’ feature designed to scare off intruders if the system is triggered.

Moreover, Ecobee ensures the added security of a two-factor authentication system and video encryption, protecting your home and data from cyber threats.

The device even discerns your family’s phones, alerts you when a loved one arrives home, and allows guests to arm and disarm the system hands-free with voice code functionality – eliminating hassles and false alarms from countdowns, timers, or incorrect passcodes.

Premium subscription plans allow access to video recording features and work in synergy with RapidSOS, the world’s leading emergency response data platform, to offer the highest level of protection.

This comprehensive approach to security—an amalgamation of privacy, accessibility, control, professional monitoring, and effective siren alarms—creates an always-on security experience at your doorstep— a true testament to sophisticated authentication systems.

Pricing and availability

When it comes to pricing, the Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera falls into the pricier bracket, retailing at around $249. 99.

A feature-rich smart device, it guarantees excellent value for money with its unique thermostat integration, superior field of vision, and strong privacy and security features.

Beginning Oct. 23, the product will be available in select Best Buy retail locations as well as on the Ecobee website and other online platforms such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Lowe’s, which are some of Ecobee’s trusted retail partners.

Keep an eye on the ‘Deals’ section as bundle savings of around $59.99 are frequently available, particularly when purchased with other Ecobee devices.

Don’t miss out on the Shop now or Explore more bundles options to leverage maximum value from your purchase.

Also, remember that when you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, so some of these might be affiliate links.

Please note that some of the advanced security features may require an additional subscription.

The specifics of these subscriptions can be found under the Ecobee ‘Customer Center‘ page. Always check the conditions and details prior to purchase to ensure the best value for your money.

Compatibility with Other Home Devices

The beauty of the Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera lies in its impressive compatibility parameters.

Harmonizing perfectly with home automation systems like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and SmartThings, it broadens your smart home horizons with expansive wi-fi connectivity.

This seamless integration, thanks to robust features like 4 and 5Ghz Wi-Fi, escalates your smart home experience.

One could liken this to the intuitive integration of Amazon Alexa with Ring doorbells, or even Nest at this price point.

It empowers you to manage your home security systems just like you would with Simplisafe, using voice commands or even through your thermostat, much like a control hub.

Its synergy with Alexa and Google Assistant heightens user convenience, enabling you to control your automation system using a range of voice prompts.

Likewise, through Apple HomeKit, you gain access to advanced functionalities like facial recognition, akin to some Nest doorbell and Amazon camera offerings.

With the firm support of its dual-band Wi-Fi, you will never miss a thing.

These wide-ranging compatibility parameters make the Smart Doorbell an ever-flexible accessory to your home automation security devices, delivering a comprehensive, multifaceted user experience.

See How Ecobee's New Smart Doorbell Connects to its Thermostat

The Ecobee Experience

Always-on Security at Your Doorstep

With Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell, 24/7 security at your doorstep has become a reality. One of the key highlights of this doorbell camera, developed by Generac Power Systems, is its capacity to provide alerts that truly matter.

Leveraging the system’s Smartsensor and smart recognition technology, you’ll only receive notifications about people and packages, not irrelevant movements like blowing leaves or passing cars.

In addition to the Smart Doorbell, customers can opt for the Total Security and Savings bundle for a comprehensive approach to home security.

This package, apart from enhancing the Smart Doorbell’s functionality, equips your home with the Smart Thermostat Premium with SmartSensor, and SmartSensor for doors and windows 2-pack — all available at around $399.

The Smart Doorbell, recognizing your family’s smartphones, notifies you when a loved one arrives home.

It also provides an option to set a voice code for guests to arm and disarm the system hands-free. This feature not only escalates your security but also adds a dimension of convenience.

Assuring peace of mind, the device offers an expansive field of view. This ensures you never miss out on any activity at your doorstep.

With a promise of always-on security, the system even reminds you to arm your home when you leave.

Generac Power System’s Smart Doorbell also comes with the advantage of automatic software upgrades, ensuring continuous access to the newest features and security updates.

The option to upgrade to the Complete plan allows for professional monitoring and support for unlimited cameras in one home.

As a result, Ecobee, under the umbrella of Generac Power Systems, guarantees comprehensive and always-on security at your doorstep.

Reception and Reviews from Users

The Ecobee Smart Doorbell has been extensively and positively reviewed by users for its quality, value, and ease of use.

Customers frequently praised its sleek industrial design, intuitive user interface (both in-app and on-device), and incredible compatibility with other smart home ecosystems, as echoed in multiple Ecobee reviews.

Users were also impressed with its radar-based motion detection, support for remote temperature/motion sensors, and superb ease of installation and configuration.

A review delivered by the 9to5Mac team praised the smart doorbell for its effortless integration with the Ecobee thermostat, offering comprehensive security coverage at all hours.

This feature alone translates into energy savings equivalent to taking all the homes in Los Angeles off the grid for a year.

While there were some critical reviews, these constitute a minor portion of its overall user base.

This strong reception from users solidifies the Ecobee Smart Doorbell’s standing in the smart home security market.

Given the rave Ecobee reviews and the energy savings it offers, this device is increasingly being viewed as a reliable option for bolstering home security.

Conclusion – Ecobee’s first Smart Doorbell Camera ties together HomeKit and unique thermostat integration

Ecobee’s first Smart Doorbell Camera is a distinctive offering in the smart home security field that marries high-end technology with practical applications.

The hallmark of this smart doorbell is its unique integration with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, allowing users to view real-time video directly on the thermostat screen.

The device’s compatibility with leading smart home ecosystems including HomeKit, its superior video quality, and its ‘always-on’ security make it a standout addition to any smart home.

The Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera offers state-of-the-art features and convenience, bringing enhanced security to your doorstep.

Despite a premium pricing point, the device’s multi-faceted offering justifies the investment and offers remarkable value for money.

It has garnered positive reviews from users and experts alike, a testament to its many capabilities.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for an integrated smart home system or someone seeking cutting-edge security, the Ecobee Smart Doorbell could just be the solution you need to tie your smart home together seamlessly.


How does the Smart Doorbell connect to the Thermostat?

The Ecobee Smart Doorbell connects to the Ecobee Smart Thermostat through the Ecobee app, creating a seamless connection between the devices. This integration is facilitated by an elegant piece of technology housed within the Smart Doorbell Camera that relies on an existing doorbell setup.

The outcome of this connection is the live video from the doorbell becoming accessible directly on the thermostat’s screen.

To complement this, it ensures utmost product reliability with automatic software updates and improvements, even years after purchase.

A unique and first-of-its-kind integration, it enhances your home security by harboring real-time doorstep visuals without any additional devices.

Live feed can be comfortably accessed from the doorbell on your thermostat, keeping you informed about who’s at your doorstep at any given time.

To set it up, open the Ecobee app, navigate to the settings menu, and choose the “Add Device” option. You can then select the Smart Doorbell and follow the app’s instructions to create synchronization with your Smart Thermostat.

With no manual software updates needed, the doorbell communicates with the thermostat effectively, displaying a real-time video feed on your thermostat screen when the doorbell senses motion or rings.

This defining feature of seamless integration, complemented by continuous software updates, is what sets Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell apart from other smart doorbells, fostering a truly interconnected home system.

What sets the Ecobee Smart Doorbell apart from others?

Several factors set the Ecobee Smart Doorbell apart from other doorbell cameras in the market:

  1. Thermostat Integration: One of the standout features of Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell is its unique integration with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, this clever design innovation supports real-time video feed display on the thermostat’s screen, specs not seen with other smart doorbells.
  2. Wide Field of View: Bolstered by a 175-degree field of view for capturing video, the Ecobee Smart Doorbell’s specs cover a wider range than many competitors, enabling users to see everything from visitors’ faces to parcels left at the doorstep.
  3. Advanced Security Features: Setting new benchmarks in the doorbell camera market, Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell proffers advanced security features—which includes person and parcel detection and alerts, home and away automatic arming, and an option for professional monitoring.
  4. Smart Home Compatibility: The Ecobee Smart Doorbell is unique in its extraordinary smart home compatibility. It integrates seamlessly with the specs of top smart home ecosystems like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and SmartThings.
  5. Quality, Durability and Reliability: Speaking of reliability, the Smart Doorbell offers full 1080p HD quality videos and has shown itself to be a reliable product that can endure severe weather conditions, courtesy of its IP65 rating for water and dust resistance. Notably, it’s built without batteries to handle extreme temperatures, contributing to its overall reliability.
  6. Industry-leading Warranty: Ensuring peace of mind, Ecobee stands behind the reliability of their product and offers an impressive, worry-free, industry-leading 3-year warranty. A true testament to the confidence they have in their warranty industry standards.

Combined, these unique features and exceptional warranty industry norms make the Ecobee Smart Doorbell a standout choice when it comes to smart home security.

Is ecobee going to make a doorbell?

Yes, Ecobee has already entered the doorbell segment with their recently launched Smart Doorbell Camera. This device was introduced as a subsidiary of Generac Power Systems. With remarkable features like a 175-degree vertical field of view, integration with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, and compatibility with both Alexa and Yale-based smart home ecosystems, the ecobee’s Smart Doorbell Camera marks an exciting addition to the field of smart home security.

To add to this, the doorbell camera offers advanced features including an efficient package detection system, ensuring you’re alerted not only about people but also the arrival of parcels. This makes it a standout choice for homeowners seeking high-end security solutions.