Eufy Doorbell Not Detecting Motion? Quick Troubleshooting Guide

The Eufy doorbell is not detecting motion, which can be linked to the battery. But there are many other factors that may cause it as well like a loose wire or low charge in the device. What if you needed your doorbell to work when guests come?

We know how frustrating this issue sounds! If your Eufy Doorbell suddenly stopped working, do these methods help fix it for you? These quick troubleshooting tips are just what you need for your Eufy Doorbell to detect motion again.

Why Is Eufy Doorbell Camera Not Detecting Motion?

This is not a common issue, but it does happen on occasion. There are several reasons why a Eufy doorbell camera may not detect motion:

1. Your Eufy Doorbell Battery Could be weak and worn out

If your Eufy Doorbell isn’t detecting motion, it could be due to a weak or worn-out battery. Try replacing the battery to see if that resolves the issue.

2. There are Internet connection issues

One reason why your Eufy Doorbell Camera might not be detecting motion could be an issue with your Wi-Fi connection. Another possibility is that you might need to reset your Wi-Fi router. Lastly, you can test the motion detection on your doorbell again to see if that fixes the issue.

3. You Disabled Push Notifications

It is possible that you disabled push notifications on your device. You can re-enable them in the Settings app, and it will show up as an option for Eufy Doorbell under “Notifications.”

4. Inappropriate Motion Sensitivity

If the Eufy Doorbell Camera isn’t detecting motion, you can try changing the motion sensitivity or resetting the camera. You can also turn off motion alerts to prevent the camera from trying to detect motion.

5. Motion Detection Mode Is Disabled

If you have disabled motion detection mode, you will not be able to receive motion alerts. If you have enabled motion detection mode and have a subscription, you will be alerted when motion is detected.

6. Incorrect Router Settings

If your Eufy Doorbell Camera is not detecting motion, you may need to reset your router. To do this, log in to the router’s web page and restore or factory default the settings. Reboot the router afterward.

Make sure that the correct ports are open and that the firewall is not blocking access to the camera.

How to Fix Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Not Detecting Motion (Troubleshooting Guide)

1. Enable Motion Detection in Settings

If the Motion Detection setting on your Eufy Video Doorbell is not enabled, then this could be a potential reason why it does not detect motion. To enable this option, go to the Settings option in the Eufy Video Doorbell app.

  1. Open the Eufy App and go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Camera.
  3. Tap on Motion Detection.
  4. Toggle on Motion Detection.
  5. Tap on Start.

2. Charge the Eufy Doorbell Battery and Replace it if it is worn out

If the Eufy Doorbell battery is low, it can be charged by plugging it into a power source. To check the battery status, press the “Menu” button to open the camera’s menu, then press the “Settings” button and select “Battery.”

If the battery is low, press the “Battery” button to change the camera’s battery.

3. Enable Your Eufy App Push Notifications Settings

To enable push notifications on the Eufy App:

  1. Open the Eufy app settings by tapping on the three lines in the top left corner of the app’s main screen.
  2. Select “Notifications” from the list of options that appears.
  3. Enable “Push Notifications” by tapping on the switch next to it. This will ensure that you receive notifications whenever motion is detected by your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera.

4. Change Doorbell Location or Pointing Angle

If your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera isn’t detecting motion, the first thing you should check is its location. The camera has an 8-meter range, so make sure that the motion you’re trying to detect falls within that range.

If it doesn’t, you’ll need to unmount the doorbell and install it at a more appropriate location.

5. Enable your Wi-Fi or internet Connection

There are a few things you can try if your Eufy video doorbell camera is not detecting motion. One is to change up the Wi-Fi bands. Another is to check your signal strength.

If you’re using the 2.4 GHz band, try switching to the 5 GHz band. If you’re already using the 5 GHz band, try switching to the 2.4 GHz band. You may also want to try moving your router closer to the camera or vice versa.

If you’re still having trouble, check your signal strength. If it’s low, that could be why the camera isn’t detecting motion properly.

6. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed

In order to check and update the firmware on your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera, first, open the app and click on the camera you wish to update. Next, click ‘Check for firmware update.

If there is new firmware available, you will be prompted to install it. However, if the firmware is already installed, you will be taken to the camera’s main settings page.

7. Factory Reset Eufy Doorbell Camera

If your Eufy video doorbell camera is not detecting motion, you can try resetting it by pressing and holding the Sync button for 10 seconds. After releasing the button, your camera should be reset and should start working properly again.


If you’re having trouble getting your Eufy Doorbell to detect motion, there are a few things you can check. Make sure that the motion detection setting is enabled and that it’s detecting motion. If it’s not, check if your doorbell is close to the Wi-Fi router and connected to the internet. If all of these fixes don’t work, contact Eufy support for help.

FAQ on Troubleshooting Eufy doorbell not detecting motions

Why is my Eufy camera not picking up motion at night?

There are a few possible reasons for why the Eufy camera is not picking up motion at night. The battery might have gotten worn out and needs to be charged. The camera might be configured in a way that is not perfect for motion detection. The motion sensitivity might not be perfect and needs to be adjusted.

How do you set a Eufy doorbell motion detection?

  1. Open the Eufy application and go to the Devices tab.
  2. Click on your doorbell’s icon and tap the Camera Settings button.
  3. Choose Motion Detection from the options.
  4. Switch the motion detection to the ON side to enable it.

How do I reset my Eufy doorbell?

You can try resetting it by pressing and holding the Sync button for 10 seconds. After releasing the button, your camera should be reset and should start working properly again.