Eufy Doorbell Chime Flashing Red Light: Reasons + Fix

Are you experiencing a flashing red light on your Eufy doorbell chime? I understand the frustration that comes with encountering this issue.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the possible reasons behind the flashing red light and provide you with practical solutions to resolve it.

Resetting your Eufy video doorbell chime may be necessary, and I will explain how to do it effectively.

Stay tuned to discover the reasons behind the flashing red light and learn how to fix it, ensuring seamless operation of your Eufy doorbell chime.

5 Reasons for Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Chime Flashing Red Light

1. Firmware Update Failure

It’s crucial to note that outdated firmware versions could be at the root of your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Chime flashing a red light.

Eufy frequently releases firmware updates to rectify known software bugs and enhance device performance.

Consequently, if your doorbell’s firmware fails to update, it could disrupt operational functionality, represented by the persistent red light.

2. Wi-Fi Network Name or Password Failure

One of the main reasons why the Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Chime flashes a red light is due to a Wi-Fi Network Name or Password Failure.

This issue often arises from incorrect password input during setup. The inconsistent and sometimes weak Wi-Fi connectivity can also disrupt the device’s performance.

If you’ve made recent changes to your network settings, such as the Wi-Fi password, your device might not be updated, resulting in the red light warning signal.

It’s essential to remember that a stable and strong internet connection is pivotal for smooth doorbell operation.

3. Eufy Doorbell Chime and Camera Setup Problems

In the course of setting up your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera, you might encounter several issues that could result in the Chime flashing a red light.

Misalignments during installation, issues with power supply, or incorrect battery installation could all play a part.

Alternatively, software glitches in the EufySecurity App, connectivity problems between the doorbell and chime, or even complications during the pairing process could trigger this red light.

Also note, persistent activation of the doorbell without pressing may lead to this indication.

4. Eufy Doorbell Hardware and Software Issues

A red flashing light on your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Chime could indicate possible hardware or software issues.

These could range from an unstable Wi-Fi connection or outdated firmware to a disruption in power supply or an overextended Wi-Fi range.

Low batteries in wireless models and server outages can also be culprits.

Device-related concerns such as network interference at the installation point or recent modifications to Wi-Fi settings could also trigger a red light flash.

Be sure to rule out potential hardware causes before considering any software-related issues.

5. Power Supply Voltage Problems

When your Eufy Video Doorbell’s chime flashes a red light, it’s often a signal of power supply voltage problems.

This means your doorbell isn’t receiving the required 16-24V AC, 30VA of power.

Reasons for this could range from a worn-out or incompatible transformer to compromised wiring. It could also be a simple low power issue with your doorbell device itself.

In the event of such a problem, it’s essential to assess all potential power and connectivity factors keenly.

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell Chime Flashing Red Light: Troubleshooting Guide

How to Fix Eufy Doorbell Chime Flashing Red Light: Troubleshooting Guide

Step 1: Check the reason for the flashing red light as explained above

Understand that a flashing red light usually signals a connection error.

Check both your internet connectivity and the functionality of your router – a quick reboot of the router just might do the trick.

The issue might also be down to a faulty battery, so consider replacing that. For more precise advice, take a peek at your camera manual as different Eufy models use indicator lights in unique ways.

And, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eufy customer support if you can’t fix the issue yourself. Stay alert, stay safe!

Step 2: Change the Wi-Fi encryption type

If your Eufy Doorbell’s Chime light is flashing red, this likely means it’s having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi. A potential reason might be that your router is set to the wrong encryption type.

Your Eufy Doorbell supports WPA/WPA2 channels only, and any other type of encryption will prevent effective communication.

Note that Eufy doorbells only work with a 2.4 GHz network, so ensure your router is set to this frequency. Power cycling the router may also help resolve connection issues.

Step 3: Check if your doorbell is online/powered on

When your Eufy Doorbell chime flashes red, it means that it’s disconnected. Here’s a quick and easy guide to rectify this:

  • First step is to ensure the doorbell is drawing power. Check the breaker to confirm it’s turned on.
  • Allow your doorbell five minutes to fully power up.
  • Press the doorbell button to test the chime. If it’s working correctly, you’ll hear it.
  • Look at the LED on your doorbell; if it’s a solid green light, your doorbell is operating correctly.

Expert tip:

If the LED isn’t solid green, it might indicate another issue.

However, we won’t dive into those issues here since we are only solving the problem of a flashing red light on your chime.

Once you manage to get your doorbell back online consider consulting the user manual or seek professional advice for any other problems.

Step 4: Replace faulty batteries

A flashing red light on your Eufy Doorbell often indicates a power issue which may be due to faulty batteries.

As an expert, I’d recommend promptly replacing the batteries as a first measure.

Here’s how:

  • Unscrew the camera cover to access the battery slots – two on top, and one on the bottom.
  • Replace old batteries with new ones and reattach the cover.

A tip – if your doorbell operates but flashes red, it may still have some battery life left. However, it’s best to replace it early to prevent future problems.

If replacing the batteries doesn’t clear up the red light, you could investigate the transformer and wiring.

Remember, preventative care, like routine battery changes, is essential for the efficiency of your device.

Conclusion: Eufy Video doorbell Camera Chime Red light Indicators

In conclusion, the Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Chime red light indicators serve essential functions that you should be aware of.

The main reasons for the red LED light might include low power issues, the activation of night vision, or firmware updates for the chime.

It could also simply indicate if the chime is on. In case you encounter the red light, understanding these different events could help you promptly identify and address the issue.

While some instances might call for minor troubleshooting, others may require reaching out to Eufy customer support for further assistance.


Why is my Eufy doorbell blinking red and blue?

Two main reasons could explain why your Eufy doorbell is blinking red. The first is a power issue. It could indicate that the doorbell isn’t receiving the right voltage, or the battery might be running low. The second reason is related to functionality.

A red light often means that the night vision mode is activated on your Eufy doorbell.

As for the blue light, a blinking blue light generally indicates that your doorbell is ready to connect to Wi-Fi or HomeBase. It’s merely providing visual feedback based on operational status, not necessarily a sign of a problem.

What does the eufy doorbell chime red indicator mean?

The red indicator light on your eufy chime signifies it’s powered on. If you notice that the light is blinking red and green alternately, it means the chime is currently updating its firmware. In case of a solid red light, don’t fret, simply wait until it successfully installs the update.

It’s also common to see a red light when your eufy doorbell switches to night vision mode. So, if you spot that red glow in the dark, it just means your doorbell is doing its job, watching out for you around the clock.