Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Homebase 3? [Compatibility, Setup, and Use]

The modern world of smart home technology can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to figuring out what devices work together. One question that often pops up is – does the Eufy Doorbell work with Homebase 3?

If you’re scratching your head over this, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of this device compatibility, guide you through the setup process, and give you practical tips on how to maximize their use.

Overview of Homebase 3

Homebase 3 empowers your security devices with a hefty local storage capacity of 16TB (additional storage drive not included). It serves as a unique storage hub for video recordings and other critical security data.

This innovative home hub incorporates groundbreaking hardware technology, offering an array of advanced features, including BionicMind AI for detecting and categorizing security threats.

As a unified ecosystem to manage your Eufy devices, the Homebase 3 seamlessly integrates the convenience of home security management and ensures high-end encrypted data protection.

The system also boasts of a built-in 100dB siren, an innovation that bolsters security in a new light.

Understanding the Compatibility

Is Eufy Doorbell compatible with Homebase 3?

Yes. Eufy doorbells, including the industry-acclaimed camera doorbells, both battery and wired versions, can effortlessly work with Homebase 3, which features intelligent motion detection capabilities.

Thanks to ongoing firmware upgrades by Eufy Security, not only will doorbells but every EufyCam model, complete with wifi connection, motion sensors, and other security devices be integrated with Homebase 3.

Your doorbell chime, for instance, can now be enabled through the myriad options from Alexa Echo, Homebase itself to buying a separate Eufy doorbell chime. Stay tuned for an even more enhanced inclusive security experience.

 Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Homebase 3? [Compatibility, Setup, and Use]

These Eufy products will work with HomeBase 3 and its AI detection

All models of Eufy doorbell, EufyCam, be it EufyCam 2 or EufyCam E, work harmoniously with HomeBase 3, benefiting from BionicMind AI for smart threat detection. Additionally, the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera is a standout device, boasting a motion detection range of up to 30 feet and two-way audio.

Eufy motion sensors and Eufy doorbells, in both wired and battery variants, are compatible, adding layers of security to your home set-up.

The new Edge Security System, it comes with two S330 EufyCams, each of which is equipped with an integrated solar panel and USB-C port for easy recharge.

HomeBase 3 – the nerve center for all Eufy devices, built to ensure smooth and secure functioning of your security setup.

Be mindful of the ongoing issues Eufy is addressing with security though, particularly around keeping the footage local as some reports indicate sending of video thumbnails and other detected data to cloud servers.

Here is a testimonial from a satisfied Eufy user who has experienced the benefits of HomeBase 3 and its AI detection feature:

This thing is awesome it takes a 2.5 inch hdd up to 16tb the added ai is awesome and pings me every time I walk by a camera even my older cams. I was having a lot of issues with the last gen homebase and my internet “I have Starlink” and my cameras kept going offline along with the tone for the door sensors just not working and it having to be resRead more about This thing is awesome it takes a 2.5et every couple weeks. So far this new unit paired up my 2C pros with zero issues homebase 2 had issues pairing them. And it’s way louder the alarm and chimes are both audible now.

But the main thing besides fixing all my issues like Ethernet cable not working random cameras going offline and chime breaking is turning off animals and it actually not picking them up! But at the same time now able to pick up cars and people! I have a 100+ pound German and it would constantly set off the camera now it doesn’t but has never missed triggered on a person “so far” it’s made my previous 3/5 a perfect 5/5 for my system. The old homebase you can set for people animals or all motion but I noticed if you just set it to people it fails to pick up cars.. so you have to pick or choose between everything or people that still picks up animals and the notification volume is the same.. but not anymore and I couldn’t be happier.

This review is early but so far I’m loving my unit and I will update it issues pop up or if what I have wrote changes. If you have a homebase 1-2 then I highly recommend buying this as a upgrade it’s a noticeably better in a lot of ways and addressed 99% of my complaints about the last gen the one thing it’s missing is it working with all cameras like the pan and tilt. If that was in the same eco system it would be perfect. Right now if you have wifi cams and you set away mode you then have to set away for the homebase as well I personally don’t like recording in my house when I’m home so I setup my alarm to away when I’m gone and the cameras to record and having to turn the homebase and camera away and home twice a day is troublesome instead of just having all cameras together but that’s more of the app issue that hopefully gets addressed.

If you read this far just buy it. You won’t regret it

Setting up the Eufy Doorbell with Homebase 3

How do I connect the Eufy video doorbell with Homebase 3?

Pairing your Eufy Doorbell with Homebase 3 is fairly straightforward.

First, you need to access the Eufy Security app, rich with various app features to enhance your home security.

On the app’s dashboard, tap ‘Add Device’, then select ‘Doorbell’ followed by ‘Eufy wired/battery doorbell’.

Afterward, simply follow the prompts to press the sync button on your doorbell, which is among the more user-friendly doorbell cameras available in the app store.

Once done, your doorbell’s LED will begin to flash, signaling it’s ready to connect to Homebase 3.

Back in the app, press ‘Next’ and let the Homebase 3 find your doorbell, as it’s equipped with advanced camera firmware to identify and integrate numerous devices.

Once found, select ‘Added Successfully’, and you’ve successfully built part of your comprehensive security network!

Here is a customer review highlighting the seamless integration between the Eufy video doorbell and Homebase 3:

Just received mine, got all devices from HomeBase switched over fairly seemless. My doorbell chime dongle is not recognized. But if this thing does what it says and unifies the non HomeBase devices for a complete ecosystem…it will be what Eufy users have been bagging for for years! Cant wait for the device integration scheduled for this month

Is there a way to connect the Eufy Video Doorbell Camera without wiring?

Yes, there is indeed! For the battery model of the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera, first, you need to power it up by recharging the battery.

To make it a wireless security camera, you link your router to the doorbell using the Eufy app, syncing the devices in the process. Now, install the doorbell at your desired location.

The magic of Wi-Fi connectivity turns it into a eufy video doorbell dual without the need for complex wiring. Remember, this is only feasible for the battery models. Wired models will require a different setup process. It’s all about picking the right model for you!

A comparison chart highlighting the differences between the battery model and the wired model of the Eufy Video Doorbell Camera.

Please refer to the specific product details and specifications of the latest Eufy models for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Here’s a general comparison:


Battery-Powered Model

Wired Model

Power Source

Rechargeable battery or solar

Direct electrical wiring


Easier, no wiring required

Requires electrical wiring

Battery Life

Limited (usually a few months)

Continuous power supply

Video Quality

Typically 1080p or higher

Typically 1080p or higher

Motion Detection



Two-Way Audio



Night Vision



Field of View

Wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lens

Cloud Storage

Subscription required

Subscription may be required

Local Storage

Some models support SD cards

Some models support SD cards

Smart Home Integration

Compatible with various systems

Compatible with various systems

Mobile App

Eufy Security App

Eufy Security App

Alerts and Notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications

Price Range

Varies depending on features

Varies depending on features

Keep in mind that specific features and capabilities may vary between different models and generations of Eufy Video Doorbell Cameras

Utilizing Eufy Doorbell and Homebase 3 Features Together

Useful Features of Eufy Doorbell when used with Homebase 3

Your Eufy Doorbell, when paired with Homebase 3, becomes supercharged! The Eufy Doorbell works as a dynamic doorbell system, capturing high-definition video footage thanks to powerful cameras.

  1. BionicMind AI offers smart, human-triggered alerts, strengthening your security wireless system.
  2. It saves power as it avoids unnecessary ‘alarm trips’ from passing cars, ensuring efficient motion detection.
  3. HomeBase 3’s generous local storage serves as an ideal storage hub for the captured video recordings, meaning you won’t lose any important security footage.

Furthermore, combining the doorbell system with Homebase’s built-in siren notably augments your home security.

Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant aligns perfectly with your convenience while also enhancing security features. A truly reliable, effective, and smart doorbell system!

Benefits of using Homebase 3 with Eufy Doorbell

Homebase 3 paired with Eufy Doorbell puts you in control. Experience superior image quality with 4K resolution, excellently illuminated with a 100lm motion-activated spotlight.

Engage in conversations through the two-way audio and welcome your visitors without any hiccups.

Notably, Homebase 3 boasts of advanced compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, turning your home into a smart hub.

Its durable storage capacity ensures no crucial video data is missed. Plus, this piece of technology with powerful wifi connectivity, lets you have remote access, offering flexibility to review footage or tweak settings, anytime, anywhere.

Here is what a satisfied Customer said:

Love the fact that you DO NOT have got pay to store data on some service – you have the option to store all info locally, or subscribe to a security monitoring service – YOUR CHOICE. The S380 offers lot’s of feature that one would not necessarily think about – giving it lot’s of versatility.

Is it worth upgrading to EUFY HomeBase 3?

Yes! Upgrading to the Eufy HomeBase 3 brings multiple opportunities, without needing to worry about an additional subscription.

With 16TB of local storage capacity, this hub connects directly to your Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet cable, ensuring you can utilize its core features even without a Wi-Fi connection.

It boasts advanced BionicMind AI and encrypted data protection, making your security setup robust, efficient, and importantly, without a subscription fee.

Able to serve as an indoor chime and local storage hub, being connected with your retailer.

It’s Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote adjustments and secure cloud access.

Also, this device provides infrastructure for more Eufy devices, making it a logical solution for those looking to bypass a camera with a subscription fee.

If you’re after pristine images, optimized power management, and seamless compatibility without a subscription, then upgrading to Eufy HomeBase 3 is a smart and prudent move.


Bridging the gap between high-security and ease-of-use, the combination of Eufy Doorbell and Homebase 3 safeguards your space smartly.

With its comfortable installation procedures to its seamless remote access, from advanced AI detection to encrypted data protection, it provides all the necessary info to keep your space secured.

It’s important to note, however, that convenience may come with some cons, potentially including additional costs or data privacy considerations, so do your research on our website and via email updates.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to Homebase 3 shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, there’s nothing better than peace of mind, especially when that sense of security is backed by informed decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Eufy Doorbells require Homebase?

Except for the 2K Wired Video Doorbell, every Eufy Doorbell does require a Homebase device to function. Integrating some of the best features of doorbell cameras, the Homebase not only facilitates internet connectivity and hosts cloud storage, but it is also central to managing your doorbell chime options.

Acting as the master control, it can simultaneously command multiple devices, encompassing the entire Eufy ecosystem including doorbell cameras and other smart home devices.

If you opt for adding an additional doorbell to your security network, rest assured, an extra Homebase isn’t mandatory. It’s always essential, however, to understand the specific requirements and features of your model!

Can you use more than one Eufy Homebase?

It is possible—and even favorable—to use multiple hubs, like the Eufy Homebase, especially in multi-story homes or expansive premises. Each hub can be configured to different Eufy security modes using a laptop or the app, depending on your location and the area you want to oversee.

Just bear in mind, if you have numerous hubs connected to your router, there might be an insufficient number of ethernet ports to accommodate all; acquiring a port splitter could be a possible solution.

More hubs equate to broader coverage and adaptable security settings, delivering extensive protection, similar to a protective nest, for your dwelling.

Does Eufy dual Doorbell Camera Work With Homebase 3?

Currently, the dual-cam doorbell does not support Homebase 3. However, per Eufy’s customer support, they are actively exploring this feature. In the near future, you might be able to connect the dual-cam wired doorbell to your Homebase 3.

Patience is the key while we await this integration. Keep a lookout for firmware updates from Eufy!