Does Eufy Doorbell Work With Existing Chime?

You bought the Eufy doorbell and it seems to be a great product, but you are not sure if your existing chime will work with the new system. Who wants to spend hours on end trying different configurations? We have got you covered! This article is all about finding out if your existing chime works with the Eufy doorbell so that no time has been wasted in trial-and-error mode.

Does the Eufy Doorbell work with an existing chime?

No, the wired Eufy Doorbell does not work with an existing chime. The doorbell will come with its own chime that you’ll need to set up in order for your doorbell to work properly. The wired Eufy Doorbell comes with its own chime, which you’ll need to set up in order for your doorbell to work properly. The chime is an important part of the doorbell and must be set up correctly in order for the doorbell to function.

To set up the accompanying chime with your wired Eufy Doorbell, open the app and follow these steps (referring to step 3). Make sure that your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your doorbell. The light means that the chime has been paired. The app needs to be opened in order for the listener to hear the “ding” sound, which is a signal that it has successfully paired with your doorbell button.

Eufy Doorbell Chime

The Eufy has a digital chime and you can adjust the sound with the buttons on it. You can use any outlet as long as it’s within 20 feet of your front door. The Wired Doorbell will replace the original doorbell chime. The wired video doorbell is not compatible with the existing chime and requires a jumper wire to power it.

How do I connect my EUFY doorbell to chime?

The add-on doorbell chime is wireless and it has to connect to the doorbell via the eufy Security app. One wired doorbell supports up to 4 chimes. Here are the steps to set up a second chime for the eufy wired doorbell in the eufy Security app.

1. Open the eufy Security app.

2. Go to the Doorbell Settings and choose Indoor Chime Option.

3. Assemble your chime and plug the chime into any regular power socket. See How to Assemble Eufy Chime.

4. Press and hold the chime’s Sync button on its top for 2 seconds. You will see its light flash blue and hear a “ding” sound, signalling it is ready to couple to the doorbell.

5. Tap the Connect button on the app.

6. Wait for the chime’s light to switch to solid blue and start ringing again, that signifies they have linked and are able to work together. Try to tap on the doorbell and verify whether the chime will sound or not.

7. Tap Done to end the setup procedure.

Wiring the Battery-Powered Doorbell with Existing Chime

If you want to use your old doorbell chime with the new battery-powered Eufy Doorbell, you’ll need to do a little wiring. If you want to connect your battery-powered doorbell to your existing doorbell chime, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the chime doesn’t have power. Test the lights in the area to make sure the power is off.
  2. When you remove the cover from the doorbell chime, look for screws with Trans and Front on them. Wire came with the Eufy Doorbell. Connect the two terminals with the wire that came with the doorbell. This is to get around the old doorbell chime. If this happens, it won’t have an effect on how the electrical circuit works.
  3. Remove the old front doorbell. When you’re done pulling out the two wires, gently pull them apart so they don’t touch each other.
  4. Use the screw hole card that came with the doorbell to mark where the screws should go. Drill holes with the power drill. The user manual says that the best place to put the doorbell is about 48″ (4 feet) above the ground. If you need to change the angle of your camera, there is a 15-degree mounting bracket that comes with it.
  5. Make sure to use the wall anchors that come with your doorbell if your doorbell is being put up on a surface like a stucco or brick or concrete. You don’t need to do this if you’re going to put the doorbell on a wooden door frame. Screw the screws into the screw holes or into the holes on the mounting bracket. Make sure the mounting blanket is on the bracket before tightening the screws down.
  6. Connect the wires you already have to the terminals on the back of the doorbell. If the wires are too short, extra wires come with the doorbell. These extensions should only be used if the wires that are already there are too short.
  7. Make sure the back of the doorbell hasn’t got any film on it. Then put it on the wall. If you need to move the doorbell, use the tool that came with it to do so.
  8. When you turn the circuit breaker back on, the electricity should come back on,
  9. After the power comes back on, the doorbell should flash yellow.
  10. You can finish installing the EufySecurity App when your doorbell turns yellow, so follow the instructions there to finish it up.