Does Blink Video Doorbell Require a Subscription? [Subscription or Free]

Introducing the ultimate home security solution – the Blink Video Doorbell! With this sleek and stylish doorbell, you can get a clear view of who’s at your doorstep and talk to them directly. But do you need a subscription to unlock all of the Blink Video Doorbell’s features?

Find out in this blog post! From the doorbell’s free features to the benefits of a Blink subscription plan, we’ll cover it all. We’ll also discuss package detection, local storage, and subscription plans to help you decide if a Blink subscription is the right choice for you.

Does Blink Doorbell Require a Subscription?

Yes, Blink Video Doorbell requires a subscription in order to access additional features such as video recording and cloud storage. The doorbell’s free features include motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio, but upgrading to a Blink subscription plan will provide more comprehensive security and peace of mind. Depending on your home security needs, you can choose between Blink Basic and Blink Plus.

What are the different subscription options for Blink Video Doorbell?

1. Blink Basic Plan

The Blink Basic Plan is an affordable subscription plan for Blink home security cameras. This plan offers motion-activated notifications and live-view streaming, motion-detection video recording, and 60-day unlimited video history for customers.

The plan also includes photos captured periodically for more complete coverage and storage on the Blink Cloud. Customers with the Basic plan can also enjoy Extended Live View, which includes long time spans of live feed without interruption.

For a monthly fee of $3, Blink Basic is a great option if you’re looking for a more affordable Blink subscription plan and don’t need all the extra features.

2. Blink Plus Plan

The Blink Plus Plan is an upgraded subscription option offered by Blink Home Security that provides customers with additional features beyond what is available with the Blink Basic Plan.

The Plus Plan offers customers an extended warranty of one year, a 10% discount on Blink products, and the ability to sync with an unlimited number of Blink devices. The Plus Plan costs $6 per month and is a great option for those with large homes or valuable items that require additional security.

With the Plus Plan, customers also have access to unlimited video history, motion-detection video recording, and photos captured periodically.

Additionally, the extended live view allows for longer time spans of live feed without interruption for those who register Mini cameras.


Without plan

Blink Plus Plan


$3/month per device or save and subscribe for $30/year

$10/month for unlimited Blink devices or save and subscribe for $100/year

Number of devices supported



Unlimited number of devices per account

Motion-activated notifications




Live view streaming




Motion detection video recording

Available with Sync Module 2 and USB storage (sold separately)



Live view recording (does not include extended live views)



Extended Live View (available only for Mini and Wired Floodlight cameras)



60-day unlimited video history



Optional local storage backup*

Available with Sync Module 2 and USB storage (sold separately)



Rapid video access (instantly watch your videos as soon as they’re recorded)



Video sharing



Photo Capture (images captured periodically for more coverage)



10% off Blink devices on


Extended warranty coverage



How much does the Blink Video Doorbell Camera subscription plan cost?

The Blink Video Doorbell Camera subscription plan offers two different payment options: the Basic plan for $3 per month and the Plus plan for $10 per month. The Basic plan includes motion-activated notifications, live streaming, 60-day video history, video sharing, and 1-year warranty coverage.

The Plus plan includes all of the features of the Basic plan, plus a 10% discount on Blink products and warranty coverage as long as the subscription is active. Additionally, users can get a 30-day free trial of the Blink Plus subscription with the purchase of a Blink Mini, Blink Outdoor, or Blink Indoor camera.

Which Blink subscription option is the best for Blink Video Doorbell?

If you are considering purchasing a Blink Video Doorbell and want to take advantage of all the features it offers, you may be wondering which Blink subscription plan is best for you. The two subscription plans available are Blink Basic and Blink Plus.

Blink Basic is the more affordable option of the two, with a price of $3 per device per month or $10 per month for unlimited devices. This plan includes the ability to record, store, and review all video clips, with up to 7 days of cloud storage. Additionally, you will receive motion alerts and two-way audio.

Blink Plus is the more expensive option, but it does offer more features. With this plan, you will be able to view and record videos from all your Blink devices from anywhere, anytime.

You will also get to enjoy unlimited cloud storage, person, package, and vehicle detection, and will receive additional discounts on all Blink products. This plan is $10 per device per month or $30 per month for unlimited devices.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you are looking for basic home security, Blink Basic is the more cost-effective option. However, if you would like access to more advanced features, such as person, package, and vehicle detection, Blink Plus is the better option.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Blink Subscription for your Blink Doorbell?

Ability to Share Video Footage

With a Blink Subscription for the Blink Doorbell, customers are able to share their video footage with their neighbors, family members, and other devices. They can send their video feed to help protect others and identify criminals, or even check on their homes from remote locations.

Blink subscribers can also access and share video recordings from up to 60 days in the past and view live video feeds from any of their devices with a tap on their mobile app.

Additionally, subscribers can save motion alerts, two-way audio, live feeds, and photo captures on a connected USB flash drive.

Motion-Detection and Video Recording

A Blink Subscription includes advanced motion detection and video recording features. These features include motion-activated notification, live streaming for 5 minutes, and motion-detection video recording.

The motion-detection technology is driven by AI and features customizable motion-detection areas, quick responses, and package detection. The subscription also gives customers access to a Night-vision camera, allowing them to monitor their home even in the dark.

The Blink Video Doorbell app allows users to define a grid of motion-detection zones and up to two privacy zones. Additionally, users can adjust the camera sensitivity, delay in rearming the camera after movement, and clip length.

60-Day Unlimited Video History

The benefit of purchasing a 60-day unlimited video history for the Blink Doorbell is that users can access and review their footage for up to two months after it was recorded, allowing them to better monitor their property and collect evidence in the event of a crime.

This is particularly useful for cases where a neighbor may have noticed something suspicious after the video was already recorded, as the additional storage time makes it easier to go back and check if there was anything of note.

Additionally, with the Blink subscription, customers can take advantage of features such as video sharing and motion-detected video recording, making it easier to monitor their property.

Conclusion Can You Use Blink Doorbell Without Subscription or Monthly fee?

Yes, you can use the Blink Video Doorbell without a subscription or monthly fee. Free features include motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio. However, subscribing to a paid plan gives you access to additional features like video recording, cloud storage, and other security benefits.

Without a subscription, you will only have access to basic features such as live streaming. There are two options available – Blink Basic and Blink Plus – and each comes with a monthly fee.


Does Blink charge a monthly fee?

Yes, Blink does charge a monthly fee for their subscription plans. The Basic Plan costs $3 per month per device, while the Plus Plan costs $10 per month and allows an unlimited number of devices per account. Additionally, choosing the annual payment option allows customers to get two months for free.

What do you need for the blink doorbell?

For the Blink Video Doorbell, you need two AA lithium batteries, a 16-24 volt AC doorbell electrical supply (optional, but recommended for additional features), a bracket for installation, a wedge mount if you need to angle the video doorbell, an Amazon Echo device for the wireless chime (optional), a Sync Module 2 and a USB thumb drive for expandable storage and recording (optional, but recommended for full functionality).

Is there a subscription for Blink doorbell?

Yes, Blink Video Doorbell requires a subscription for access to additional features like video recording and cloud storage. There are two subscription plans available, Blink Basic and Blink Plus, which offer a range of features to keep your home more secure.

Without a subscription, you can still use the doorbell’s free features such as motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio. You can also purchase the Blink Sync Module 2 and use local storage to save video clips without a subscription.