Does Arlo Video Doorbell Connect To Base Station?

Arlo is the popular smart video doorbell by Netgear. It has been a huge success, and there are many satisfied customers who have given it rave reviews on Amazon. But not everyone wants to be bothered by strangers at their front door or home office window throughout the day. So this article will answer your question: does Arlo Video Doorbell connect to base station?

Does Arlo Video Doorbell Connect To Base Station?

Yes, the Arlo Video Doorbell can be connected to an existing Arlo SmartHub or base station. the Arlo Video Doorbell does connect to the base station if you have a camera system. It connects directly to the cloud and in addition to local storage. The doorbell can be configured to trigger an Arlo Chime or other cameras. If you are having trouble connecting your video doorbell to the Base Station, try following these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Select Settings on your Arlo App
  2. Select My Devices
  3. Select your Doorbell
  4. Select Add New Device
  5. Follow the in-app instructions to finish connecting your Doorbell

This process can be used to connect any Arlo smart device to either the Base Station or the Smart Hub, and it works for both. Some features of your Video Doorbell won’t be available to you unless you sign up for an Arlo Smart Plan. This is important to know. This comes with cloud storage for your Doorbell video. You should keep in mind that the Doorbell doesn’t store anything on its own, and the cloud storage is only available for a three-month trial at first.

Do I Need A Base Station For The Arlo Video Doorbell?

No, you do not need a Base Station for the Arlo Video Doorbell to be functional. However, a Base Station or Hub is helpful to connect all of your Arlo Devices and provides features that the video doorbell doesn’t have on its own, like streaming audio via the app.

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What is the base station for on the Arlo video doorbell?

The Arlo SmartHub and Base Station are required for use with the Arlo Video Doorbell. This storage facility will work 24 hours a day without losing connection, and you can track movements happening around the home.

If you want to use your Arlo Video Doorbell with just one unit – without using either of these devices, you must first disconnect it from any previous wireless connection (like those made by other doors). The base station for the Arlo doorbell is a smart hub. It allows you to remotely connect your doorbell camera to your WiFi network and access video through an app on your smartphone or tablet device

How To Connect Your Arlo Video Doorbell To Base Station

When you want to connect your Arlo camera or doorbell to your SmartHub or Base Station, you need to follow these steps

  1. You must remove your Arlo camera or doorbell from your account and then add it back in again. Take the steps below.
  2. The Arlo app can be used on iOS or Android, so open the app to start.
  3. Tap Settings and then My Devices.
  4. To choose your Arlo camera or doorbell, click on the one that fits your needs best.
  5. In the Devices screen, you can also tap the Settings icon for your Arlo camera or doorbell.
  6. Remove the device by scrolling down to the bottom of the Device Settings screen, then clicking Remove Device on the bottom right corner.
  7. Remove your account from your device.
  8. Add a new device from the Devices screen. Choose your camera or doorbell from the list, and then tap the Add button to add the device.
  9. In the app, follow the steps until Arlo detects a SmartHub or Base Station.
  10. In the app, follow the steps to connect your camera or doorbell to the SmartHub or Base Station.