Can I Use a Vivint Doorbell Camera Without Service?

You have bought a Vivint doorbell camera. Now you are wondering if you can use the doorbell without service with internet so that your kids and pets get monitored when away from home. Vivint doorbells can be used as security systems for your home. They also have features such as remote notifications and the ability to monitor activity in front of your property 24/7 while out of town with the camera streaming a live video feed on their website or mobile app so that they’re always aware of what’s going on around their house even when they’re not there. Let’s find out whether or not you need a Vivint service in order to use your doorbell camera.

Can I Use Vivint Doorbell Camera Without Service?

Yes, you can use a Vivint Doorbell camera without service. However, the camera will only be accessible when you are at home. If you have the premium service, you will have more access and security benefits than if you have the standard service. The doorbell camera will still record footage, but you will not be able to access live footage or receive motion alerts.

How To Use Vivint Doorbell Camera Without Service

Although it is not recommended, you can use your Vivint Doorbell Camera without service. However, there are some limitations. First and foremost, you will be unable to control or view your products remotely without a service plan. Secondly, if anything goes wrong with the equipment or service, customer service is not likely to be helpful. Finally, in order to use the camera without service, you must first cancel your contract and pay an early cancellation fee.

The good news is that the first year of using Vivint services is free. So, if you decide later on that you want or need a service plan, you won’t have to pay any cancellation fees. Just keep in mind that depending on where you live and the local government rules, the amount of the cancellation fee may vary.

Services you get to enjoy with the Vivint Video monitoring package

1. Every package comes with professional security 24 hours a day, every day. The Vivint service is up and running right away after you install the system, and monitoring will start right away.

2. Vivint cameras are used to record video. Also, the doorbell will have a camera. It will record any activity in front of the door.

3. As a Vivint smart camera customer, you’ll never have to worry about how much space you have because the service comes with cloud storage. Videos that you take with your camera are sent right to the cloud storage. You can get these files right away by using your smartphone. The Vivint app comes in handy when you need perfect service.

This is because the video file can be stored in the cloud, so you can get to it from any place in the world. It is good for people who go on a lot of trips and don’t have time to check all of their video logs at home. Your storage problem is solved by the Smart drive that Vivint has for you.

4. The Vivint mobile app can be used anywhere in the world. The app is made for both IOS and Android users, giving you the power to control your Vivint security camera from your phone. The Vivint app lets you control the devices from afar.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Vivint Video Doorbell Camera Without Service

The cons of using the Vivint video doorbell camera without service include no contracts or fees, 24 x 7 professional security services, immediate uploads to the cloud storage, and access from anywhere in the world. The main disadvantage of this option is that intruders could see your camera and decide it’s not worth the risk.

If you’re looking for a system that offers 24 x 7 professional security services, then the Vivint video doorbell camera is a good option. However, be aware of the potential drawbacks of using the device without the Vivint monitoring service before making your purchase.


  • No contracts and you are not tied into any
  • The doorbell camera might be enough to deter intruders
  • One-time fee for camera purchase


  • You can’t access your doorbell camera remotely.
  • You can’t view the footage when you’re not at home or away from your property.
  • You potentially won’t be able to see anything in real-time if there is a break-in or other issue when you’re out of town.
  • If your vivint doorbell isn’t working then you’ll probably be on your own to fix it since there’s no customer support available from Vivint itself.

What Happens If I Cancel Vivint?

You are also responsible for any cancellation fees. Vivint requires that you sign up for a 5-year contract, and the monthly subscription includes the cost of equipment such as the camera, cables, etc. Cancelling Vivint service can be a hassle, as there are different cancellation fees for different regions. Customers must contact Vivint to get the exact amount of the cancellation fee. The only way to fully cancel your contract is to pay the remaining balance in full.