5 Best Smart Video Doorbells for Halloween 2024: Ring Chime, Motion, and More

Are you ready to make this Halloween the spookiest one yet? Picture this: it’s October 31st, and you’re eagerly awaiting trick-or-treaters at your doorstep.

But this year, there’s a delightful twist to your Halloween preparations – you have the best smart video doorbell to add an extra dash of excitement to the festivities.

Say goodbye to the traditional doorbell chimes and say hello to the world of Halloween-themed doorbells!

In this blog, I will introduce you to some of the top smart video doorbells that are perfect for Halloween.

We will explore the features of popular options like Ring Chime and Motion, and discover how they can elevate the Halloween experience for you and your visitors.

So get ready to welcome trick-or-treaters with a spooky surprise, capture memorable moments, and ensure safety – all with the power of smart technology.

Let the Spook-fest Begin

Why a Halloween-themed doorbell?

A Halloween-themed doorbell is a Halloween must-have, offering spice and scare to an otherwise mundane device.

Incorporating it into your halloween party decorations not only sets the perfect, eerie atmosphere for your guests, but also serves as an unexpected surprise for those brave enough to ring it.

Whether you choose a doorbell with a creepy animated eyeball or one that turns your doorbell into a coffin, it’s easy to see why so many consider it a favorite for Halloween decor. It’s a fool-proof way to keep your home’s Halloween spirit consistent across the board.

This year, make your doorbell chime with the ghostly echoes of everyone’s favorite Halloween movie – Hocus Pocus!

Halloween-themed doorbell in action, showing how it adds movement and animation to the doorbell experience

The magic of eerily delightful chimes

The magic of eerily delightful chimes lies in their uncanny ability to surprise and delight. Make your home a monster’s lair with Chime and App Alert Tones.

If you have a Ring Chime or Chime Pro, you can easily dress up your doorbell with Halloween sounds. Simply tap “App Alert Tones,” and choose from a variety of spooky options.

By adding these tailored alert tones to your doorbells, you not only enhance the spook factor but also create an immersive, memorable Halloween atmosphere right at your doorstep.

Perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters with a startle or a playful greeting trick. Endeavor to create a Halloween experience your visitors won’t forget.

Ring Chime or Chime Pro app showing the "App Alert Tones

Top Video Doorbell Cameras for October 31st Halloween

Google Nest Video Doorbell: Not Just a Pretty Spooky Face


Google Nest Video Doorbell is a stylish and functional Halloween gadget. Beyond its sleek, chic exterior, it’s an impressive home security video doorbell, featuring a 960P camera and an audio system for door-side communication.

Its advanced AI is designed to distinguish between objects and people. Additionally, its cloud storage offers the organization of video clips on your personalized website, enhancing your doorbell experience.

While it lacks a local storage feature, this doorbell’s HDR support guarantees vivid color representation, making it more than just a pretty spooky face – it’s a real ghoul game player.

Top features of Google Nest Home Security Video Doorbell:

  • Spooky in a stylish way with 4 color options – now imagine that with the variety of video doorbell faceplates!
  • 960P camera incorporating HDR support, giving vivid visual feeds
  • Smart alerts are designed to distinguish between objects and people
  • Option for a wired or wireless setup – bringing long-lasting battery life
  • Free cloud storage that allows you to access video clips on your website at any time

Remember, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. So, get playful with this spooktacular piece.

Consider trying out some unique Halloween designs for your video doorbell faceplates available on the Ring website. It’s the perfect addition to your Halloween ensemble!

Ring Video Doorbell Wired: High Tech Meets High Terror

High tech meets high terror with the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, superb for the kind of Halloween scare that sends ripples down the spine.

This marvel not only flaunts stunning video quality but also features a specialized video doorbell app that assists in capturing and recording remarkable eerie scenes with its 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Key features include:

  • Full HD video recording in lifelike colors
  • Access to custom Halloween sounds via the excellent integration with Amazon Echo smart speakers, turning your home into a live-action horror movie
  • Convenient two-way audio communication and top-notch sound quality
  • Wired operation, ensuring uninterrupted service

Despite minor downsides such as a need for an existing wired setup or a subscription for unlimited video recording, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired shines brightly amidst the frightful fun.

To enhance the experience, make sure to check the Ring Video Doorbell app updates on Facebook. It’s the perfect Halloween tech for those willing to trade minor inconvenience for major thrill.

Best Smart Video Doorbells for Halloween

Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220: Battery-Powered Beast

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Meet the Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220, a battery-powered beast that’s perfect for your Halloween frightfest.

This year, adorn your S220 with video doorbell faceplates specially designed for Halloween to add a touch of charm to your festive decor.

Not only is it easy to install, but it also produces sharp 2K images, which can be stored in the cloud or locally on its included base station.

Essential features include:

  • Exceptional battery life that lasts up to four months with regular use.
  • Versatility in positioning, owing to its wireless design.
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy integration with your current smart home system.
  • An included Home Base sporting a 16 GB hard drive for local storage of 2K clips.

However, the only slight hitch is that its built-in battery demands removal of the whole unit for recharging.

Decorated with the Halloween-themed video doorbell faceplates, your Eufy S220 will not only function flawlessly but also add charm to your horror fest.

Undeniably, it’s a top-tier choice for those seeking to add a touch of horror and charm to their homes this Halloween.



Special Features

‎2-Way Audio, 2K HD Resolution, Motion Sensor

Batteries included

‎Yes, Lithium Ion

Batteries Required


Compatible devices


Power source

‎Battery Powered

Controller type

‎Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Mounting type

‎Wall Mount

Video capture resolution

‎2 k

Wireless communication technology


Affordable Non-Video Doorbells Halloween Doorbells for Your Consideration

Gemmy Animated Halloween Eyeball Decoration Doorbell

Embrace the eerie with the Gemmy Animated Halloween Eyeball Decoration Doorbell. Its chilling design and eye-catching animations make it a perfect fit for spooky festivities.

Top features of this affordable alternative:

  • Compact, standing at 5L x 3.5W x 7.3H
  • Animated eyeball with an unnerving glow
  • Doorbell chime with 4 distinctive, spine-chilling sounds
  • Easy to install, delighting kids and adults alike, within minutes

With its glaringly spooky green eyeball and enchanting sounds, the Gemmy Halloween doorbell is a hit among enthusiasts seeking an affordable, non-video alternative for their

Halloween decorations. Just note, however, that it’s powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

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Gemmy Animated Halloween Eyeball Decoration Doorbell

Sler Halloween Decoration Doorbell with Eyeball

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For a touch of fear and fun in your door décor, look no further than the Sler Halloween Decoration Doorbell with Eyeball.

As an affordable alternative, this gruesomely good-looking gizmo promises a hauntingly amiable experience.

Its attention-grabbing features include:

  • A bloodshot, glowing eyeball that slowly rotates when pressed
  • A chilling laughter as the main sound when rung
  • Ease of installation with only 3 AA batteries needed (not included)
  • Replicates a 3D spider, and ghostly sounds for optimal spookiness

While this doorbell may not have video capability, it certainly delivers unique horror-focused aesthetics that please Halloween enthusiasts.

Although batteries are not included, the Sler Halloween Decoration Doorbell still offers excellent value for money.

Getting More out of Your Halloween-Themed Doorbell

Charging Your Doorbell Bats.. err Batteries

When it comes to charging your doorbell bats… err, batteries, timely preparation is key. With Halloween being one of the busiest nights for doorbells due to trick-or-treaters, the battery of the device can drain faster.

Here’s a pro-tip: check your battery level a couple of days prior to Halloween. If it’s low, fully charge it before the spookiest night of the year.

For Ring Video Doorbells, you might want to consider keeping a spare battery pack on hand. This way, the festivities won’t be interrupted by a drained doorbell!

Dressing up your Doorbells with Terrifyingly Fantastic Faceplates

One of the best ways to bring Halloween to your doorstep is by dressing up your doorbells with terrifyingly fantastic faceplates.

For Ring doorbell users, there are faceplate options like seasonal faceplates with boo-rific ghosts, pumpkins, and even creepy spiderweb designs that can optionally replace regular ones.

Interestingly, the makers at Etsy have also taken matters into their own hands, offering all kinds of seasonal faceplate options for your video doorbell faceplates.

By swapping out the usual for the special, you’re not just adding a dash of Halloween flair but also embracing a completely festive vibe. It’s a simple matter of adding a custom touch of Halloween.

Just remember, these faceplates for Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, 4, and the Chime Pro are both fun and functional, enhancing the scary appeal while protecting your doorbell from the elements.

ring doorbell hallowen faceplates

How to Choose the Best Halloween Spooky Doorbell Cameras

Pick a Halloween Doorbell with a Special and Spooky Look

One important factor to consider when choosing a Halloween Doorbell is its design.

Choose one that aligns with your overall Halloween theme, whether it’s creepy and gory for a haunted house feel or cute and cheeky for strictly family-friendly fun.

Remember, a doorbell with a special and spooky look enhances the overall eerie Halloween ambiance – worth every cent!

Get a Halloween Doorbell with Sound or Music

Halloween doorbells with spooky sounds or eerie music elevate the Halloween experience.

Look for a doorbell that features hair-raising chimes or creepy sound effects that are loud enough to give visitors a chilling jolt.

Whether it’s the creaky opening of a tomb or an ominous laugh echoing from the beyond, these sounds can transform an ordinary Halloween into an affair to remember.

Choose an Outdoor Halloween Doorbell Camera That Can Be Placed on Your Front Door

When you select an outdoor Halloween Doorbell Camera, ensure it’s weather-resistant. The device should be able to withstand the elements, be it fog, rain, or intense sun.

This is critical to protecting the device and its internal components. After all, Halloween isn’t just about the fun and fright.

It’s also about durability, reliability, and the ability to spread some door-to-door terror, year after year.

Buy a Battery Operated Halloween Doorbell That Is Easy to Install

A battery-operated Halloween doorbell has an edge: it’s effortless to install.

Especially if it’s one of the Ring Video Doorbell models, which come with special edition Halloween print faceplates to enhance your spooky decor! All you need are some batteries to power up.

Faceplates are even available for Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, 4, and the Chime Pro, for a more spirited variety.

Beyond that, battery-powered doorbells can be moved with ease, perfect if you want to adjust your Halloween layout or take down decorations post-festivities.

Remember the key: an easy-to-install, battery-operated Halloween doorbell (complemented with video doorbell faceplates) will save time and keep horror high on the agenda.

Also, spare a thought for your furred companion—dress them up for a more complete Halloween celebration.

And finally, nothing wraps up Halloween better than scary Netflix Halloween movies and a treasure trove of delicious candy!

Halloween print faceplates available for the Ring Video Doorbell models

How to Your Ring Doorbell a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More

1. Get Your Spooky On With Halloween Quick Replies

Ring doorbell users, it’s time to amp up the Halloween vibe with ‘Quick Replies. ‘ These are a variety of pre-set messages that your doorbell can automatically respond with when someone rings the bell.

Imagine a trick-or-treater pressing your doorbell, to be greeted with a hauntingly fun message like “Welcome little monsters!” or “Sorry, we’re out hunting ghosts!” Perfect for greeting pranks and trick-or-treaters, these messages spy from your favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.

With these Halloween-themed quick replies, your Ring doorbell is sure to add a spooky twist to your traditional Halloween spirit.

How to Your Ring Doorbell a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More

2. Bring the Haunting Inside Too With Ghostly Chimes Tones

Who said the haunting should be confined to the outside? Bring the spooky season inside your home by changing your Chime Tone to a Halloween-themed one.

Whether it’s a vampire’s laughter or a werewolf’s howl, these chimes add another dimension of eeriness.

Even if you don’t have a Chime or Chime Pro, you can select a Halloween-inspired chime as the notification sound for your Ring App. So, let the indoor spook-fest begin!

3. Dress Up Your Doorbell With Fantastical Faceplates

In the spirit of the season, step up your décor game by giving your Ring doorbell a costume change. Dress it up with fun, fantastical faceplates!

These special edition Halloween print faceplates feature delightful designs of pumpkins, ghosts, and even intricate spiderweb patterns.

Swapping your everyday ones for these festive pieces imparts a touch of Halloween cheer right at your front door, making it perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters or creating a spooky atmosphere.

4. Charge Your Batteries

Don’t let your doorbell die out amidst the trick-or-treating rush. Keeping an eye on your battery level becomes crucial during days of high doorbell usage, such as Halloween.

Ensure your battery is fully charged and keep a spare at hand if your doorbell runs by replaceable batteries.

Rest assured, a well-charged doorbell ensures the frightful fun lasts all night!

5. Add Smart Lights For a Brighter Hallow’s Eve

Smart lighting can play a huge role in your Halloween décor, adding both allure and safety. Integrate your doorbell with motion-activated Ring Path lights and Steplights.

These smart lights not only keep your pathway well-lit for visitors but also alert you on your phone through the Ring app.

So, you know exactly when it’s time to thrill the trick-or-treaters. A brighter Halloween equals a safer, spookier Hallow’s Eve!

6. Make Halloween Safety Your Priority

Halloween is all about the fun and fright, but let’s not forget about safety. Ensuring that your property is well-lit and monitored is essential to keep unwanted ghouls away.

Based on data obtained by Traveler’s Insurance in 2016, there was a significant increase of 24% in insurance claims related to criminal activities on October 31st.

A well-placed, high-resolution video doorbell can help you keep an eye on your property while you enjoy the Halloween festivities.

Couple that with Ring’s Neighborhood Watch feature, and you can join your local community in ensuring a safe and spooktacular Halloween for everyone.

How to Your Ring Doorbell a Spooktacular Makeover With Halloween Quick Replies, Faceplates & More

How to Add Halloween chimes to your Ring doorbell

Adding Halloween chimes to your Ring doorbell is a fun and simple way to amp up your Halloween spirit. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Firstly, open the Ring app on your device.
  2. Tap the ‘Devices’ option, then select the Chime you’d like to change.
  3. Go to ‘Audio Settings’ and choose ‘Chime Tones’ from the list of options.
  4. You’ll see a list of all available chime tones. Special Halloween tones, such as “Bats,” “Ghosts,” “Howl,” “Scream,” and “Spooky Organs”, are all available.
  5. Tap the sound you’d like to use, and you’re done!

By following these steps, you set the tone—quite literally—for a spooky Halloween experience right at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to customize my Doorbell’s chime to Halloween tunes?

To customize your doorbell chime to Halloween tunes, you’ll need to open the doorbell’s respective app.

  1. For example, in the Ring app, select ‘Devices’, then ‘Audio Settings’. You should see an option for ‘Chime Tones’.
  2. Browse these options until you find the spooktacular sounds you seek.
  3. Once chosen, simply tap to activate.

And there you have it – your Halloween chime is set and always ready to spook visitors, resulting in a Halloween full of laughs and scares!

What are the best locations to install these video doorbells for maximum spookiness?

To achieve maximum spookiness with your Halloween video doorbell, it’s best to install them at the primary entry point—the front door. This ensures that every visitor or candy-seeking trick-or-treater experiences the scary sound effects.

Optionally, placing it near Halloween decorations (like creepy jack-o’-lanterns or ghastly ghouls) can enhance the eerie ambiance.

Whether your aim is to spook or delight, choosing the right location for your Halloween video doorbell can maximize its effect.

Does Ring Doorbell have Halloween tones?

Yes, the Ring doorbell does offer Halloween tones! Imagine adding to the creepy atmosphere of your Halloween party with options like “Bats,” “Ghosts,” “Howl,” “Scream,” and “Spooky Organs,” delivered right to your doorstep.

This animated, glowing green eyeball Halloween doorbell is perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters and spooking them.

You can set these tones through the Ring app under ‘Devices,’ then ‘Audio Settings,’ finally selecting your preferred eerie chime under ‘Chime Tones.’

It’s like creating a haunted house scene right at home, with the Ring doorbell providing just the right greeting trick to scare your guests.

How do you get Halloween sounds on your Ring doorbell?

Setting up Halloween sounds on your Ring doorbell is a piece of cake!

First, press the button and open the Ring app on your device.

Tap the ‘Devices’ option, then choose the terrifying device you aim to use for greeting your trick-or-treaters and party attendees.

Next, go for ‘Audio Settings.’

In this section, you’ll encounter an option known as ‘Chime Tones.’

A roster of spine-chilling options awaits you here, listing sounds like “Bats,” “Ghosts,” “Howl,” and last year’s popular witch “greeting”.

Upon picking your preferred sound from these high-quality 3D audio options, you’re all tuned up and ready to scare and impress with your bespoke Halloween-themed or party doorbell!

Does Nest doorbell have Halloween sounds?

Yes, indeed! The Google Nest doorbell does offer Halloween sounds, making your house the perfect companion for the spooky season.

With a variety of suitably spooky ring tones, including sounds like a cackling witch, a ghost, or a wandering monster, your guests (or the brave trick-or-treaters) will be greeted with unexpected, ghostly fright.