3 Best Video Doorbell Camera That Doesn’t Require WiFi For a Wireless Doorbell

You want to install a doorbell camera at your home, but you don’t have WiFi or an Internet connection. Many doorbell cameras on the market require an active WiFi connection in order to work, but there are some great options that don’t need Wi-Fi.

Check out our top picks for the best video doorbell cameras that don’t require WiFi. Each camera offers great video quality and local storage for easy access.

Is there a doorbell camera that works without wifi?

Yes, there are smart video doorbells that do not require WiFi. Some models have built-in SD card storage to capture motion-triggered recordings, like Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Without WiFi (with Local Storage), while others connect to existing doorbell wiring for “Ding Dong” alerts when someone presses the button. These doorbells still function without a WiFi connection, but you will not be able to use any of their smart features without them.

Can you use doorbell cameras without WiFi?

You can use doorbell cameras without WiFi. As an alternative, you may connect your device to cellular data or use a mobile hotspot for a more stable connection. Some video doorbells also have local storage, which eliminates the need for an internet connection.

You cannot use any of the smart features of doorbell cameras without a WiFi connection.

Top 3 Best Video Doorbell Cameras Without WiFi Connection or Internet In 2023

1. Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Without WiFi (with Local Storage)

eufy security, Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Kit, 2K Resolution, 180-Day Battery Life, Encrypted Local Storage, No Monthly Fees, HomeBase with High-Power Wi-Fi and Built-in Storage

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The Eufy Video Doorbell Camera Without WiFi (with Local Storage) is a smart video doorbell that detects movements via advanced AI technology and sophisticated algorithms. It comes with a local eMMC storage card to save motion-detection videos, and no monthly fees are required for cloud storage.

It features 2K clear image resolution, local storage capacity to record videos without a subscription, smart alerts triggered by advanced AI technology and sophisticated algorithm, two-way audio for talking to visitors at the door or from anywhere in the world via an app connection, as well as automatic recording of motion events when someone presses the doorbell button or arrives at your doorstep.

Additionally, this home security video doorbell doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection for recording videos so you can save on costs without having to pay for monthly fees associated with cloud storage services like those offered by competitors such as Ring Doorbells.

Here is a video review of the Eufy video doorbell:

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2 That Doesn’t Require WiFi

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 – Best-in-class with cutting-edge features (existing doorbell wiring required) – 2021 release

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The Ring is one of the first doorbells to hit the market, and it has revolutionized home security. If you already own several Amazon devices like an Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Fire TV, this may be a great option due to its compatibility with Amazon’s ecosystem.

The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart home security device that works seamlessly over standard Wi-Fi connections and has a rechargeable battery. The Ring Video Doorbell produces 1080p HD video with enhanced features that let you see, hear and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.

It also has improved motion detection and pairs with Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for in-home monitoring.

You can watch the video tutorial to install Ring Video Doorbell 2 with existing doorbell wiring.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a fan favorite for its versatility, beautiful design as well as theft protection warranty. This battery-operated doorbell works with your existing doorbell perfectly. Simply replace your old ring with the new Ring and enjoy all of the same great features.

When someone presses the doorbell, you can still hear the indoor chime ring even if there is no WiFi connection.

3. Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell - HD Video, 180° View, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, DIY Installation (wiring required), Security Camera, Doorbell Camera, Home Security Cameras, White - AVD1001

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This Arlo video doorbell is our number four pick. Without a doubt, there are factors that have kept it where it is.

  • Option to communicate with a visitor at the door by using a cell phone.
  • a vision that is more vertical than horizontal.
  • The Arlo Essential doorbell is designed to work even when there is only a slow connection to the internet.

You can now comprehend the rationale behind this doorbell’s prime placement. Now we’ll go over some of the bell’s most impressive attributes.

This HD video doorbell has a 180-degree field of view. We were able to witness its remarkable night vision. Still, images can be captured from your automatic video recordings with motion detection.

Considering its diminutive stature, the camera far outdid my anticipation. The ability to see what’s happening in a vertical rather than a horizontal plane is fantastic.

It uses a 2.4GHz network for setup only, like many other devices that can connect to the internet, and connects straight to Wi-Fi so that no hub is required. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired requires an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station to function with Apple HomeKit.

Store your videos locally on your Arlo SmartHub or Base Station (sold separately) and access them from any Internet-connected device.

And since you’ll need somewhere to keep your footage for the foreseeable future, you’ll also need to subscribe to a VIDEO STORAGE service; fortunately, Arlo’s is very affordable at only $3 per month. Just get it if you’re thinking about it. Definitely worth the price. It comes with my highest recommendation.

Despite the fact that it could be useful in emergency situations, Arlo does not include a battery with their doorbell so that it can be charged immediately. It can function with only the energy that the sun provides. The Arlo Essential Doorbell Wired can withstand the elements and is built to last.

How to Use Video Doorbell Cameras Without Wifi or Internet Access

Use the cellular network for doorbell camera

. You can use the cellular network to connect your doorbell camera to your smartphone or tablet, or you can use a battery-powered doorbell camera. Cellular network doorbell cameras are a great option if you don’t have reliable WiFi at your home.

Choose a Video Doorbell with Local SD Card Storage

Choosing a video doorbell with local SD card storage is important because it ensures that your recorded video footage remains separate from the doorbell and in a safe location. Having the option of swappable/expandable storage allows you to save money on subscription-less services since there are no long-term contracts or monthly fees associated with this type of setup.

Furthermore, having access to locally stored videos without an internet connection can be beneficial in case of theft or damage to your doorbell camera.

Connect Your Smart Video Doorbell to the Existing Traditional Doorbell

You’ll need to make sure your doorbell camera is compatible with your existing doorbell. You also need to connect your video doorbell camera to the existing doorbell wiring. You may need to purchase a separate power source for your video doorbell camera.

Get a WiFi Hotspot for Your Smart Video Doorbell

Purchase a portable 4G LTE hotspot to use with your smart video doorbell. Connect the hotspot to your doorbell security camera, so that it can work without an internet connection or WiFi router.

Use the hotspot for live stream and two-way audio functions with instant app push alerts when there are motion events, as well as save data by disabling the PIR sensor and lowering resolution settings if needed.

Buying guide for Best doorbell cameras without WiFi

Video Quality

When comparing the video quality of the best doorbell cameras without WiFi, it is important to consider factors such as resolution and frame rate. The higher the resolution and frame rate, the better your footage will be.

For example, some doorbell cameras offer video quality of 2K resolution which shows an exact image as a live preview. Other models provide 4K resolution for clearer images with more detail. Additionally, some cameras have frame rates of up to 30fps which helps capture fast movements more clearly.

Network Connectivity

When buying doorbell cameras without WiFi or internet connectivity, it is important to consider the type of network that the camera will be connected to. Many devices are 2.4GHz network compatible, which means they can connect with other devices on this type of network.

It is important to check what type of network your camera uses before purchasing it so that you can ensure compatibility with your existing setup.

When compared with cameras that have WiFi or internet connectivity, doorbell cameras without these features do not offer as many features or benefits due to a lack of connectivity. For example, these types of cameras may not have as many recording options or live-streaming capabilities as their counterparts with internet access would have.

Additionally, there may be fewer customer support resources available for those who purchase doorbell cameras without WiFi or Internet connections since it may be more difficult for companies to provide assistance in this situation due


Smart doorbells with local storage can automatically sense the movement events and store them on the SD card. You can then review the videos of motion triggers and back up important data using the SD card.


The battery life of the best doorbell cameras without WiFi typically ranges from 3 to 6 months, depending on the model and its usage.

For example, rechargeable lithium battery-powered video doorbells with a higher mAh (6000 mAh or more) have a longer life period than those with lower mAh (less than 6000 mAh). Additionally, models that are designed for outdoor use typically last longer due to their stronger build and weatherproof features.


Most doorbell cameras without WiFi are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. They can be set up using the provided instruction manuals or online tutorials, and most offer companion apps that allow you to view live feeds, record videos, or take photos remotely.

However, some models may require additional accessories such as an internet router or modem in order to work properly. It is important to check the product specifications before purchasing a doorbell camera without WiFi in order to ensure it will work with your existing setup.

You may want to look for a video doorbell without WiFi here. However, if you have an Internet connection, you can enjoy all of the smart features that are available with similar devices that support smart homes.

So, go get a video doorbell that supports smart homes like Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, etc. And you can control your doorbell using voice commands.


Ensure the doorbell camera is easy to install and has a clear view of the front door. Always get a video doorbell with a simple installation. This means you won’t spend hours installing it, and you won’t need to hire professional staff for the installation job.

Reliable brands and quick support

A well-known and reliable company typically offers the best product quality, best tech support, and after-sales service. You can get responsive 1-on-1 support when you have any questions about the doorbell.

High quality

You can check out the previous customers’ reviews to see how the doorbell performs, or Google “Best Video Doorbell Reviews” for detailed testing of top-tier media. After that, you can get a sense of an overall how this video doorbell performs in different scenarios.


Which doorbell camera works without Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to use video doorbells without Wi-Fi. In fact, many top-notch models can still function even without an internet connection. Some of these include doorbell cameras with SD card storage that records motion-triggered recordings, or those that connect to existing doorbell wiring for “Ding Dong” alerts when someone presses the button. However, you cannot use any of the smart features without a WiFi connection.

Can video doorbells work without Wi-Fi?

Video doorbells can work without Wi-Fi, as they can be connected to existing doorbell wiring or use SD card storage for motion-triggered recordings. However, you cannot use any of the smart features of video doorbells without a WiFi connection.

Are there Ring Doorbell cameras that don’t need Wi-Fi?

No, Ring Video Doorbells require both internet and WiFi to communicate with your smartphone, PC, tablet, and other devices. However, there is one exception – you can use a wireless hotspot to substitute for WiFi and temporarily access your Ring Devices.

Do Doorbell Cameras Need WiFi?

Doorbell cameras do not need WiFi to function, but it is recommended that you install them with a sturdy internet connection. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, including the ability to use smart features such as motion detection and live streaming. Additionally, having an internet connection will allow you to access recordings from anywhere in the world.

It is possible to use doorbell cameras without WiFi; they can be connected directly to your existing doorbell wiring or have SD card storage for motion-triggered recordings. However, these options will limit your ability to use any of the smart features associated with video doorbells. Furthermore, without an internet connection, you won’t be able to access recorded footage from anywhere else in the world besides where it was recorded – which may pose difficulties if there’s an issue with theft or vandalism that needs investigating later on down the line.

What is the best doorbell video camera without a subscription?

The best doorbell video camera without a subscription is the Eufy 2k Doorbell Camera. Overall Best Video Doorbell Without a Subscription. It offers dual-powered options (wired and battery-powered), good audio, two-way wireless communication, activity zones to exclude busy streets or sidewalks, 2K HD video with 135-degree field of view coverage, and long battery life.