The Best Video Doorbell Camera That’s Hard to Steal: What You Need to Know

Looking for the best video doorbell camera hard to steal?

In this buying guide, we’ll explore the top options for secure and tamper-resistant video doorbell cameras to help you protect your home and loved ones.

Top best video doorbell camera hard to steal reviews

Our Pick

SHARKPOP Doorbell Included Security Detection
SHARKPOP Doorbell Included Security Detection


4.4 (12 ratings)

100+ bought in past month

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This doorbell camera offers cutting-edge features like swift notifications, AI-enhanced human recognition, and secure cloud storage, making it a top-notch choice for home security. In my personal experience, it has been reliable and easy to use, making me feel more secure in my home.

Pros Cons
Swift notifications Short existing doorbell wires
AI-enhanced human recognition Requires good wifi signal
Secure cloud storage


Equipped with swift notifications, AI-enhanced human recognition, and secure cloud storage, this doorbell camera ensures you’re always aware of front-door activities while minimizing false alerts.

The installation process is straightforward, and the app provides detailed guidance through every step.

The installation process was a breeze, and the app made it easy to set up. The swift notifications and AI-enhanced human recognition have been incredibly useful, and the secure cloud storage gives me peace of mind knowing my recordings are safe. The only downside was the short existing doorbell wires, but the included extension wires solved that problem.


Our Pick

SV3C Doorbell Subscription Detection Compatible
SV3C Doorbell Subscription Detection Compatible

Cyber Monday Deal$47.99

4.7 (38 ratings)

100+ bought in past month


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This doorbell camera offers high-resolution video, seamless communication, and extended battery life, making it a reliable and convenient security solution for any home.

Pros Cons
Easy setup and free chime inclusion Custom mount needed for certain installations
Seamless communication and multi-user access Limited integration with Alexa
Extended battery life and intelligent alerts No rich notifications for motion alerts
2K crystal clear video and night vision


With easy setup, free chime inclusion, and seamless communication, this doorbell camera offers convenience and peace of mind.

The extended battery life and intelligent alerts ensure comprehensive protection, while the 2K crystal clear video and night vision provide optimal visibility day and night.

I found the installation process to be hassle-free, and the video quality to be impressive, even in low-light conditions. The ability to engage in HD two-way audio calls and share camera access with family members adds to the overall convenience and functionality of the product.

Overall, this doorbell camera is a reliable and effective security solution for any home, offering high-quality features and seamless communication.

Our Pick

EKEN1080p Intelligent Detection Pre Capture Capability
EKEN1080p Intelligent Detection Pre Capture Capability

Cyber Monday Deal$26.95

5 (2 ratings)

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The EKEN doorbell camera is a reliable and convenient home security solution, offering advanced pre-capture capability and enhanced AI human recognition.

In my personal experience, it has provided a sense of security at home and I highly recommend it to others.

Pros Cons
Optimized for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi
Advanced Pre-Capture Capability May require professional installation
Complimentary Chime Provided Indoor chime may be too loud for some
Enhanced AI Human Recognition


The EKEN doorbell camera is optimized for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ensuring a consistent and speedy connection. It also offers advanced pre-capture capability, allowing for recording upon sensing movement or when the doorbell button is pressed.

Additionally, it comes with a complimentary chime and enhanced AI human recognition, providing added convenience and security.

I absolutely love this wired doorbell camera! The installation process was straightforward, and the wide-angle lens provides clear videos and images.

The 2-way talk feature is a standout, and the indoor chime is super loud, ensuring we never miss a visitor. The instant notifications and sense of security it provides make it a worthwhile investment for any home.

Our Pick

Ring Video Doorbell Wired Stick
Ring Video Doorbell Wired Stick


4.5 (73418 ratings)

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The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a game-changer for home security, offering crisp video quality, two-way talk, and sensitive motion detection for added peace of mind and entertainment.

Pros Cons
Clear video quality May pick up non-human motion
Two-way talk feature Requires subscription for some features
Sensitive motion detection Does not sound existing chime


The Ring Video Doorbell Wired offers clear 1080p HD video, two-way talk, and advanced motion detection, providing peace of mind and entertainment for your home security needs.

The installation was a breeze, and the video quality is so crisp that I can practically count the pores on the mail carrier’s face.

The two-way talk feature is like having a direct line to your front door, and the motion detection is so sensitive that it once caught a squirrel doing a gymnastics routine on my porch.

Our Pick

KAMEP Doorbell Wireless Detection Compatible
KAMEP Doorbell Wireless Detection Compatible

Cyber Monday Deal$49.49

4.6 (50 ratings)

50+ bought in past month


[amazon box=”B0CJ9HN4XD”]

Overall, this WiFi smart video doorbell impresses with its high-quality material, customizable motion detection, and clear 1080P HD video vision, making it a reliable and secure option for home monitoring.

Pros Cons
Easy setup Challenging chime pairing
Clear picture quality
Sturdy construction


The WiFi smart video doorbell offers a range of impressive features, including local storage, IP66 weatherproof casing, customizable motion zones, and two-way audio with voice changer, providing a comprehensive and secure home monitoring solution.

Setting up the doorbell was a breeze, and the picture quality is top-notch, providing clear visibility day and night.

The only hiccup I encountered was with the chime pairing, but once that was sorted, it worked seamlessly. The sturdy construction also gives me confidence in its durability for long-term use.

Features to Look for in a Video Doorbell Camera

Weatherproof and Durable Design

When looking for the best video doorbell camera that is hard to steal, it’s important to consider the weatherproof and durable design. This ensures that the camera can withstand harsh weather conditions and potential tampering attempts.

Secure Mounting Options

A secure mounting option is essential to prevent thieves from easily removing the doorbell camera. Look for a camera that offers multiple mounting options, such as screw-in or adhesive mounts, to ensure a secure installation.

Advanced Motion Detection

Advanced motion detection capabilities are crucial for a video doorbell camera that is hard to steal. This feature allows the camera to detect and alert you to any suspicious activity, helping to deter potential thieves.

Anti-Theft Features

Tamper-Proof Design

A tamper-proof design is a key feature to look for in a video doorbell camera. This includes features such as a secure housing and tamper-resistant screws to prevent unauthorized access to the camera.

Secure Installation Process

An easy and secure installation process is essential for ensuring that the doorbell camera is not easily stolen. Look for cameras that offer a secure installation process, such as professional installation or DIY options with robust mounting hardware.

Remote Access and Control

Remote access and control features allow you to monitor and control the doorbell camera from anywhere, providing an added layer of security against theft.

Integration with Home Security Systems

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

The best video doorbell camera that is hard to steal should be compatible with smart home devices, allowing for seamless integration with your existing home security system.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts

Look for a doorbell camera that offers 24/7 monitoring and alerts, ensuring that you are always aware of any potential security threats.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Reliability and Durability

When researching video doorbell cameras, it’s important to consider customer reviews and ratings to gauge the reliability and durability of the product.

Overall Satisfaction and User Experience

Customer feedback on overall satisfaction and user experience can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of a video doorbell camera in preventing theft.

In conclusion, when searching for the best video doorbell camera that is hard to steal, it’s crucial to consider features such as weatherproof and durable design, secure mounting options, advanced motion detection, anti-theft features, integration with home security systems, and customer reviews and ratings. By prioritizing these features, you can ensure that your home is equipped with a reliable and secure video doorbell camera.


  • How do I keep my video doorbell from being stolen?

    1. Mount your doorbell wisely and securely.
    2. Use a protective cover or mounting plate.
    3. Use other security measures and advertise them.
    4. Monitor your notifications.
    5. Use a two-way talk feature.
    6. Secure your home Wi-Fi network.
    7. Backup your data.

  • What doorbell camera Cannot be hacked?

    If you’re concerned about privacy, the SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro SS3 is the doorbell to buy because it’s the only highly rated model in our ratings that earns an above-par score for data privacy. It also rates well for video quality and data security.

  • How do I stop my blink doorbell from being stolen?

    ANTI-THEFT DESIGN BY VMEI – The anti-theft steel sheet of the door mount is an original design by VMEI. It cannot be removed from the side of your door unless the door is open, making your Blink doorbell impossible to be stolen while your door is closed. It’s a new level of security for renters and video doorbells!

  • How do I keep EUFY doorbell from being stolen?

    We have an APP named eufySecurity. The free EufySecurity app helps you to keep an eye on your doorbell anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once a thief enters the field of the doorbell camera, you will receive a notification on your device.