5 Best Smart Doorbell Cameras for Airbnb: Security System for your Vacation or Home

As an avid vacationer myself, I understand the importance of safeguarding my home during those relaxing getaways. That’s why I’m excited to share with you today the best smart doorbell cameras for Airbnb.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler like me or simply want to keep an eye on your property, these modern security systems are a game-changer.

Join me as I explore the top options available, their incredible features, and how they can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Trust me, investing in one of these smart doorbell cameras is definitely worth it!

However, based on my comprehensive evaluation, these are my top picks:

  • Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell: Offering high-resolution video quality and no mandatory subscription fees, it stands out as the best all-rounded option.
  • Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220: This battery-powered doorbell provides flexibility, making it perfect for rentals without existing doorbell wiring.
  • Ring Video Doorbell: Known for its reliability, it works as a great option if you want rechargeable battery-powered or hardwired installation.

The Importance of a Reliable Security System for an Airbnb Property

Installing a reliable security system in your Airbnb property can deliver peace of mind, ensure property protection, and enhance guests’ experience.

A proactive approach towards Airbnb security with a well-integrated alarm system deters potential threats, offers better controls over your property from afar, and portrays you as a considerate host prioritizing guest safety.

The addition of smart home security devices such as doorbell cameras that capture clear security footage can make your Airbnb rental enticing to tech-savvy, privacy-conscious guests, acting as an efficient safeguard against potential risks.

This strategy may lead to an increase in bookings and 5-star reviews.

Here is a testimony from an Airbnb host I know:

As a host for a popular vacation rental, I take the safety and security of my guests very seriously. Recently, I had a frightening encounter that highlighted the importance of having a reliable security system in place.

Late one evening, my video doorbell camera alerted me to suspicious activity outside my property.

I quickly accessed the live feed on my phone and saw a stranger attempting to gain unauthorized access.

With a sense of urgency, I remotely activated the security camera, capturing clear footage of the individual’s actions.

Thanks to the comprehensive coverage of my security system, I promptly alerted the authorities with accurate descriptions and evidence.

The quick response led to the apprehension of the intruder, preventing any harm to my guests or property.

This incident reinforced the critical role of a reliable security system in mitigating potential threats. It not only deterred criminals but also provided me with peace of mind, knowing that my guests and property were protected.

Investing in a video doorbell camera and security camera proved invaluable in preventing this situation and ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

How Smart Doorbell Cameras Protect your Home or Vacation Rental

Smart doorbell cameras are an essential piece of technology that can fortify your home or vacation rental security.

Thanks to built-in video surveillance, and a robust motion sensor, they enable property owners to monitor footfall, ensuring adherence to occupancy restrictions, and enforcing house rules like the ‘no-pet’ policy.

Moreover, these doorbell systems, much like the nest outdoor camera, act as an effective deterrent to burglars who actively avoid properties with any type of video doorbell system or motion detector in place.

The blink home security camera, for instance, records faces and notifies owners about any approaching individuals; the mere presence of these motion-sensing devices would make burglars think twice before attempting a burglary.

They also offer added convenience by allowing property owners to screen visitors, a functionality akin to call screening.

By providing real-time visuals of who’s at the door, property owners can choose to answer or ignore specific visitors based on their personal judgment.

However, while smart doorbell cameras significantly enhance security, they aren’t a substitute for a full-fledged security camera system.

Most of these systems, despite their excellent motion detection abilities, limit their detection range to under 20 feet.

Taking into account the privacy implications concerning you and your neighbors, it’s wise to thoroughly understand the terms of service, privacy policies, and ethical usage guidelines of these devices.

For instance, placing cameras in shared spaces of your vacation rental might require you to consider Nest’s outdoor camera instead.

Understanding this aspect ensures the best security camera selection for your home or rental property.

A smart Ring video doorbell camera app in action, showcasing how it provides real-time visuals of who's at the door

Selection Process and Criteria for Best Smart Doorbell Cameras

My selection process for the best smart doorbell cameras involved rigorous testing of multiple models over six years.

Including a thorough scan of key aspects, I determined the top picks based on the following critical factors:

  • Video Quality: Most doorbell cameras support a 1080p or even 2K resolution providing a detailed website-like view, which is ideal for clear picture quality from a distance.
  • Storage: With a focus on the automation of processes and convenience, we gave preference to cameras supporting subscription-based cloud storage options, much like the way files are seamlessly stored on a website.
  • Alerts: For increased security, we pursued doorbell cameras that not only alert users to motion but can also accurately label the type of motion, optimizing website-like classification—whether it’s a person, a vehicle, an animal, or a package.
  • Audio: A high-quality microphone and built-in speaker for two-way audio communication offering noise cancellation were among our top considerations, much like a quiet scan in a noisy environment.
  • Smart Home Integration: To provide a comprehensive security system, we chose cameras that supported the integration with popular smart home platforms, similar to a well-connected and efficient website—such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and more.
  • Bandwidth Consumption: Aware of the issues of limited or spotty connectivity that users may experience, streaming high-resolution video can significantly use up internet bandwidth. Thus, we scrutinized this aspect to ensure the selected doorbells are optimal for standard home network connections and won’t disrupt your internet connectivity.

Selection Process and Criteria for Best Smart Doorbell Cameras

As part of My hands-on testing process, each doorbell was mounted to an outdoor rig, housing up to four doorbells at a time.

They were then connected to a gigabit Verizon router, simulating real-world usage, much like powering the seamless function of a multifaceted website.

The Top Five Smart Video Doorbell Cameras for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell – Best overall video doorbell for Airbnb

eufy Security Video Doorbell E340, Dual Cameras with Delivery Guard, 2K Full HD and Color Night Vision, Wired or Battery Powered, HomeBase S380 Compatible, No Monthly Fee

The Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell stands at the top of our list, thanks to its high-resolution image quality, smart protection, and subscription-free service—all of which make it our overall best recommendation for Airbnb owners.

2K Image: The impressive 2k resolution combined with advanced HDR and distortion correction ensures crystal-clear visuals, which can allow owners to verify the identities of guests when they arrive.

Even rival features like those from the ecobee can’t quite match this level of image clarity.

  • Subscription-Free and MicroSD Card Storage: Unlike most smart doorbell cameras, the Eufy 2K Video Doorbell does not entail any additional costs—once you’ve purchased it, it is set for eternal use. Plus, it includes a built-in microSD card slot for local storage, offering options beyond cloud storage.
  • Smart Motion Detection: Leveraging AI technology, the camera identifies body shapes and facial patterns to alert only of human visitors—avoiding false alarms caused by pets or moving trees.
  • Two-Way Communication: The Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell supports two-way communication through its built-in microphone and speaker—allowing for interaction with visitors even when you’re not physically present.
  • Quick Installation: Alongside its high-tech features, it also offers a seamless installation process. You can install this wired video doorbell within 5 minutes by swapping it with your existing old-fashioned one. Alternatively, you can go with the battery-powered version, which can hold a charge for up to four months.
  • 8 New Chimes Included: As a bonus feature, the Eufy doorbell comes with eight new chimes, including holiday-themed chimes.

eufy Security Video Doorbell E340, Dual Cameras with Delivery Guard, 2K Full HD and Color Night Vision, Wired or Battery Powered, HomeBase S380 Compatible, No Monthly Fee

Thanks to these features, and the positive reviews from thousands of users, the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell is a safe and worthwhile investment for Airbnb owners.

Here is a testimonial from an Airbnb owner who has used the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell, highlighting how it has improved his guest management and security.

I can’t express how grateful I am for the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell! As an Airbnb owner, managing guests’ arrivals and ensuring their safety is crucial.

This smart device has truly transformed my hosting experience. The crystal-clear video quality allows me to remotely greet guests and provide necessary instructions, making check-ins a breeze.

Plus, the motion detection feature provides an added layer of security, giving me peace of mind.

Thanks to Eufy, my guests feel welcomed, and I feel confident in their safety. An absolute game-changer!


  • Offering a 2K high-resolution image with advanced HDR and distortion correction, the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell provides crystal clear videos, even allowing to check guests’ ID cards for identification purposes.
  • Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell is subscription-free. It requires a one-time purchase without any additional costs for further use.
  • It incorporates advanced AI technology for smart motion detection. The camera specifically identifies body shape and face patterns, thus alerting only human visitors and reducing false alarms.
  • There’s two-way communication ability. The microphone/speaker package included allows homeowners to interact with visitors approaching their property.
  • It guarantees a quick installation process. The setup of this wired video doorbell takes about 5 minutes, and you have the option of a battery-powered version if you prefer a wireless one. The battery can last up to four months when fully charged.


  • A bit pricey but worth it

Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220: The Battery-Powered Doorbell Camera Pick

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220 (Battery-Powered) is our top pick for a battery-powered doorbell camera.

It sets itself apart with a fantastic image, long-lasting battery life, straightforward functionality, and the ability to effectively operate without any existing doorbell wiring.

eufy Security, Video Doorbell S220 (Battery-Powered) Kit, Security Camera - 2K Resolution, 180-Day Battery Life, Encrypted Local Storage, No Monthly Fees, Built-in Storage, Motion Only Alert

Some notable features of the Eufy Video Doorbell S220:

  • Ultra-High Resolution: The doorbell captures 2K images with meticulous precision to identify visitors or potential intruders.
  • Flexible Setup: Its battery-powered default lets you install the doorbell anywhere, as long as it falls within your Wi-Fi signal’s range.
  • Long Battery Life: Its durable battery can last roughly four months at full charge, ensuring consistent operation without the annoyance of frequent charging.
  • Storage Options: Eufy offers both cloud storage and local storage options, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to store your recorded footage.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: It also communicates smoothly with popular home Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, providing a seamless, blink-of-an-eye experience for smart home users.

eufy Security, Video Doorbell S220 (Battery-Powered) Kit, Security Camera - 2K Resolution, 180-Day Battery Life, Encrypted Local Storage, No Monthly Fees, Built-in Storage, Motion Only Alert

Priced around $180, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220 (Battery-Powered) can be acquired from well-liked e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

This device is optimal for apartment inhabitants who don’t have access to wired installation or homeowners looking to sidestep intricate wiring.

Ring Video Doorbell: Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connects to existing doorbell wires for constant power

When it comes to multi-purpose smart video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell ranks high. This device is a perfect template for integration in an Airbnb check-in process.

It offers the flexibility of a built-in rechargeable battery, as well as the option to integrate it into your existing doorbell setup for constant power.

Ring Video Doorbell - 1080p HD video, improved motion detection, easy installation – Satin Nickel

Some features I love:

  • 1080p Video Quality: The Ring captures a stunning high-definition (1080p) video feed, presenting a wide, 160° field-of-view. This range allows hosts to maintain a broader perspective of their Airbnb property’s front.
  • Two Power Options: Users, especially Airbnb hosts, benefit from the opportunity to power it either with its built-in rechargeable battery or hardwiring it to the existing doorbell framework. This means it’s a great fit for all types of properties—apartments, condos, or single-family dwellings.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Upon detecting movements, the Ring Video Doorbell sends real-time notifications, making it a crucial component of your Airbnb safety check-in process.
  • Two-Way Talk, Noise Cancel: Equipped with Ring’s built-in microphone and speakers, hosts can interact with guests. Its noise-cancel feature ensures guests are able to communicate clearly, offering a smooth check-in experience.
  • Compatibility with Alexa: The integration with Amazon’s Alexa signifies you can use voice commands for notifications and view live feeds, adding to your Airbnb’s smart innovation.

The Ring Video Doorbell, overall, serves as an effective choice for Airbnb hosts seeking to balance reliability with cost-effectiveness.

It offers many smart elements and versatility in its dual power options. Additionally, with Amazon’s support, Ring provides reliable customer service and regular updates to its app and firmware.

Google Nest Doorbell (Wired): The Wired Doorbell Camera Pick

The Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) is our recommended pick if you prefer a wired doorbell camera.

Incorporating not just cutting-edge camera technology but also smart thermostat hardware, the product taps into Google’s AI software to offer superior features than most rivals in its price range.

Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) - Formerly Hello Video Doorbell with 24/7 Streaming - Smart Doorbell Camera for Home with HDR Video, HD Talk and Listen, Night Vision, and Person Alerts

  • 24/7 Recording: Unlike many of its competitors, the Nest Doorbell Wired can provide 24/7 continuous recording if you opt for a Nest Aware service plan. Plus, it allows for remote thermostat adjustments, ensuring that you never miss any important activity.
  • Familiar Faces Feature: This feature alerts you not only when someone is at the door, but also provides insight into who it is, and if it recognizes them, reinforcing security and convenience.
  • Package Alerts: This video doorbell can spot packages and delivery bots, and notify you when a parcel lands on your doorstep or if it’s removed.
  • Integration with Google Home Devices: Being a Google product, it provides seamless integration with Google Home and other Nest devices such as thermostats for a more cohesive smart home experience.
  • Wired Nature: This true wired doorbell, running directly off your existing doorbell wiring system, is efficiently designed to replace older wired doorbells with ease.

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Google, Google’s Nest Doorbell Wired is an excellent option for homeowners seeking a wired installation.

Moreover, its diverse features, including automated lighting and thermostat capabilities, make it a perfect fit for owners catering to tech-savvy Airbnb guests.


  • The Google Nest Doorbell wired provides 24/7 recording, as it runs directly off your existing doorbell wiring.
  • This device comes with a decreased response time, displaying a live feed within four seconds. It also captures more footage at the event’s start.
  • The Nest Doorbell wired boasts a compact design and comes in various color options: white, beige, dark green, and dark grey. This versatility allows it to blend in with most exterior home colors.
  • Despite no upgrade to the camera hardware, the video quality of the Nest wired is superior to both its battery version and the Hello due to digital enhancements.
  • The on-device AI is efficient and accurate when identifying people, animals, and vehicles. The device offers quick response options and provides interactive, rich alerts of activities on your porch via a phone or Apple Watch.


  • The Nest Doorbell wired often disconnects from the app, an issue related to bouncing between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi channels.
  • The night vision feature of the device has not improved and is quite soft. This limitation necessitates either keeping your porch lights on or setting up a motion sensor.

Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell Camera: Best for Fewer False Alarms

The Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell is our runner-up choice for a wired doorbell camera.

Offering an economical yet high-quality alternative to options like SimpliSafe, this gadget delivers solid performance coupled with several smart features, giving it an edge in the saturated smart devices market.

Best Smart Doorbell Cameras for Airbnb: Security System for your Vacation or Home

  • Functionalities: This camera separates itself from the crowd with a 1:1 aspect ratio, comprehensive view from head to toe, smart alerts, and a built-in siren. These indicate the superior functionality of this device, showcasing its bells and whistles without overcomplicating it.
  • Emergency Calling: The doorbell camera connects directly to your phone, permitting an immediate line for emergency calls to local authorities right through the Arlo App.
  • High Resolution: The camera offers a crystal-clear image quality with its 1080p HD video, ensuring that you can accurately differentiate images or individuals in the video.
  • Smart Home Integration: Integrated with both Alexa and Google, this doorbell camera empowers voice commands and control through your existing smart home assistants.

 screenshot showing the Arlo App interface and how it provides a seamless user experience for controlling and monitoring the doorbell camera.

The installation process of the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell involves detaching your existing doorbell and connecting it to the wiring.

This straightforward installation, paired with its commendable features at an affordable price, strengthens its argument as a rightful contender for our runner-up spot, particularly for Airbnb properties where more unnecessary bells and whistles may be excessive.

Overview of Brands and Types of Smart Doorbell Cameras on the Market

There is a vast array of smart doorbell cameras available on the market today, each of them offering diverse features and functionalities ideal for different needs.

They primarily differ in terms of power source (wired vs. battery-operated), video resolution, smart home compatibility, and a varying range of cloud storage solutions, including the possibility to save longer storage clips.

Eufy is a popular brand known for its high-quality video doorbells. Their models, like the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell, offer excellent video resolution and longer battery life.

Unique to Eufy is its no subscription policy, allowing you to freely store and view storage clips without any strings attached.

Ring, is another top player, offering several doorbell camera models, with the flexibility allowing both power sources: a built-in rechargeable battery or hardwiring them for constant power.

They are known for their admirable video quality, streamlined installation, and robust compatibility with smart home integrations.

Google’s Nest doorbell cameras deliver an amalgamation of striking features, superior AI functionalities, uninterrupted recording, and excellent integration with Google Home, setting a higher standard in the segment of wired doorbell cameras.

Arlo also offers premium quality doorbell cameras; one noteworthy model is the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell, which uniquely provides a 1:1 aspect ratio, delivering a full, vertical view from head to foot, a rare feature in similar products.

Here’s a table comparing the doorbell brands (Eufy, Ring, Google Nest, and Arlo) :


Notable Features

Video Quality

Power Source

Subscription Policy

Smart Home Integration


High-quality video resolution, longer battery life,


Battery or hardwired

No subscription required



Admirable video quality, flexible power sources,


Rechargeable battery or hardwired

Subscription required for certain features


Google Nest

Superior AI functionalities, uninterrupted recording,



Subscription required for certain features

Excellent integration


1:1 aspect ratio for full vertical view,



Subscription required for certain features


Things to Consider Before Buying

Factors to Consider When Buying a Video Doorbell for Your Airbnb

Choosing the right video doorbell for your Airbnb is a significant decision that can impact guest safety, property security, and your hosting experience.

Here are some critical factors to consider:

Power Source: Doorbell cameras are either hardwired to your home’s electrical system or battery-powered.

Consider your property’s existing infrastructure and your comfort with routine battery replacements when choosing between these options.

Additionally, for hardwired devices, you might need to set your browser to uniquely identify your device for seamless operation.

Video Quality: Opt for a camera that provides high-resolution images of at least 1080p, and if possible, comes equipped with noise cancellation.

These features will ensure easy recognition of people and details. Cameras that offer night vision are a bonus for round-the-clock security.

Field of View: The greater a camera’s field of view, the more area it can cover. For instance, a doorbell camera that provides a 160 degree frame of view would facilitate multi-field viewing of your property—day or night.

Storage: Some doorbells offer local storage while others provide cloud storage. Ensure that the camera’s storage options align with your preferences. Be mindful that cloud storage often necessitates a monthly subscription fee.

Smart Home Compatibility: If you own a smart home system, it’s beneficial to choose a doorbell camera compatible with it. This ensures seamless integration and more control over your security system.

User-friendly App: A user-friendly, intuitive app increases your chances of easily accessing videos, managing settings, and receiving notifications. With this, canceling or modifying settings becomes straightforward.

Weather Resistance: Since doorbell cameras are installed outside, they should be resistant to changing weather conditions. Choose a device designed to withstand your local climate.

Privacy Policy and Security: Lastly, look into the manufacturer’s privacy policy and the security measures in place to protect your and your guests’ data from cyber threats.

Remember, good policies may offer refunds, ensuring your investment is protected in case of a system cancellation or privacy-related disputes.

Important Points About Privacy and Security Issues for Airbnb Hosts

As an Airbnb host, juggling security and privacy can be challenging. While ensuring the safety of your property, you also have to respect your guests’ privacy rights.

Here are some essential points to consider regarding these issues:

  • Disclosure: As per Airbnb’s policy, hosts must disclose any security cameras or other surveillance devices in or around their listings. This includes indoor/outdoor smart doorbell cameras with video capability. However, akin to Ring and Yi cameras, some of these devices have transitioned to a subscription model which must be disclosed as well.
  • Consent: You are required to get consent from your guests before you start using surveillance devices. Without consent, you may end up breaching not just your subscription model’s terms of services but also Airbnb’s policy, resulting in penalties.
  • Areas of Surveillance: Surveillance devices should never be placed in areas where guests can expect privacy—bathrooms, sleeping areas, changing rooms, or other private spaces.
  • Local Laws: Always consider local laws and regulations while using surveillance equipment. Each country, state, or city might have specific regulations about surveillance and recording, even those operating on a subscription model.
  • Data Safety: Be cautious about storing and handling data collected through surveillance devices to keep your property and guests’ privacy intact. Especially in the case of a subscription model, ensure that any footage from video cameras be stored securely and deleted on time as per Airbnb’s regulations.

It’s also good practice to provide your guests with operation instructions for doorbell cameras.

Some of these cameras may operate on a subscription model, allowing them to disable audio or video recording during their stay if they prefer additional privacy.

Remember, communication is key—let your guests know clearly that their privacy is important to you, regardless of the surveillance model you subscribe to.

The Verdict

Final Thoughts on the Selection of Smart Doorbell Cameras

Investing in a smart doorbell camera for your Airbnb property or vacation rental is a wise decision that brings numerous benefits—from enhancing security to improving guest experience and potentially positively impacting your bookings and ratings.

The choice of the doorbell camera should align with your property’s infrastructure, security needs, and budget. Devices like the Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell, Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220, Ring Video Doorbell, Google Nest Doorbell (Wired), and Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell provide an impressive range of capabilities to cater to different customer preferences.

Once you’ve chosen a doorbell camera, ensure it’s installed correctly and fully functional. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, and always stay abreast with updates for your device’s software.

Last but not least, remember that while these cameras add a layer of security, they are not a substitute for comprehensive home security systems or alert neighbors and authorities when necessary.

Always stay vigilant about your property’s safety and the privacy of your guests.

Key Takeaways from the Evaluation of Best Products

Selecting a smart doorbell camera for your Airbnb property draws attention to the balance between enhanced security and respect for guest privacy.

Here are some key takeaways from our evaluation of top products:

  • Smart doorbell cameras extend beyond mere doorbells, adding a layer of security with video and audio capture capabilities. They offer a live video feed, recordings, alert notifications, and two-way communication.
  • Multiple high-quality options exist on the market, each with unique features tailored to different use cases. Brands like Eufy, Ring, Google Nest, and Arlo offer reliable picks.
  • Changes in the power source and installation procedure are considerable differentiators between products. User-friendly installation and maintenance are essential for a smooth user experience.
  • High-resolution imagery, wide field of view, robust build quality, smart home integration, vigilant alerts, and reliable cloud services are essential characteristics of top-notch smart doorbell cameras.
  • Crucially, user data privacy and security must be treated with importance. Compliance with the rules and regulations, especially Airbnb’s guidelines on surveillance devices, is mandatory.

Remember to conduct thorough research and align it with your specific requirements and constraints before investing in a specific doorbell camera.


What is the Benefit of A Smart Doorbell Camera for an Airbnb Property?

Smart doorbell cameras provide numerous benefits for Airbnb properties:

  • Enhanced Security: These devices can help deter potential intruders, suspicious activities, and package thefts, thus improving the overall security of the property.
  • Monitoring Property: With real-time alerts and live feeds, hosts can monitor their property remotely, ensuring adherence to occupancy limits and observing if house rules are being followed.
  • Improved Guest Experience: Smart doorbells also enhance guests’ experience by making them feel safer, particularly with the feature of two-way communication that allows them to interact with hosts when necessary.
  • Evidence Retrieval: In case of disputes or issues, the recorded footage from these cameras can serve as valuable evidence.
  • Rating & Reviews: Properties with enhanced security measures appeal more to guests, potentially improving their ratings and reviews on Airbnb platform.

Remember, as an Airbnb host, it’s vital to disclose the use of such devices and respect your guests’ privacy, staying compliant with Airbnb’s guidelines and local laws.

Are there any Regulations Regarding Using Cameras in Airbnbs?

Yes, Airbnb has outlined specific guidelines for hosts using surveillance devices including cameras:

  • Hosts must disclose all surveillance devices in their listings, even if they’re not turned on or not in use. This includes cameras that are hidden or only record when triggered by motion.
  • Devices concealed in objects or intended to be hidden are never permitted.
  • Hosts must provide a clear, accurate depiction of their property to allow potential guests to make informed decisions. If there are changes to surveillance on the property, such as the addition of a new camera, hosts are required to update the information in the listing and notify the guest before they arrive.
  • Cameras are never permitted in private spaces such as bathrooms or sleeping areas, even if the host has disclosed them.

Airbnb reserves the right to remove hosts who fail to adhere to these regulations and may take legal action against hosts in severe or repeated cases.

Hosts must also comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use of surveillance devices. Communications interception laws may be applicable, which could include prohibition of recording audio conversations without consent.

It’s paramount for hosts to maintain transparency and use surveillance devices responsibly to ensure guest privacy and trust.

Can I Rely on Doorbell Cameras for Full Security or Do I Need Additional Systems?

While doorbell cameras are a noteworthy addition to your Airbnb property’s security, they should be seen as a part of a comprehensive security plan rather than a standalone solution.

These cameras primarily monitor your property’s front door, which is often not enough coverage for entire homes or larger properties. Intruders may try to gain access through back doors, windows, or other entry points that a doorbell camera cannot monitor.

Additionally, doorbell cameras can be subject to theft or vandalism. In such cases, having additional surveillance devices like indoor or outdoor security cameras can provide additional coverage.

Consider adding other security devices, such as smart locks, window sensors, and security lights, to increase security coverage. This multi-layered approach can provide robust security and peace of mind.

Lastly, proper lighting, reinforced door frames, and window locks are basic security improvements that should not be overlooked.

Consider having a routine security audit of your Airbnb property to identify potential vulnerabilities and enhance overall safety.

Does Airbnb allow doorbell cameras?

Yes, Airbnb allows the use of doorbell cameras on rental properties as part of their home security measures. However, the use of such devices must align with Airbnb’s strict guidelines.

Primary among these rules is the requirement for hosts to disclose any surveillance camera or other recording devices on the premises, whether they are in use or not, and whether they are inside or outside.

This information must be included clearly in the House Rules section of the Airbnb listing.

Guests should be aware of any recording devices prior to booking, and hosts must obtain consent where necessary.

Cameras and other surveillance devices are strictly prohibited in private spaces, such as bathrooms and sleeping spaces. Non-adherence to these rules could lead to penalties, including removal from the Airbnb platform.

It’s also important for hosts to consider local laws regarding privacy and surveillance, which can sometimes require additional measures beyond Airbnb’s policies.

Is it OK to put Ring doorbell on Airbnb?

Yes, it is acceptable to install a Ring doorbell on your Airbnb property. A Ring doorbell or similar video surveillance doorbells can ensure guests’ safety and protect the property from potential threats.

However, as an Airbnb host, it’s vital to adhere to Airbnb’s standards and guidelines regarding surveillance devices. Hosts must clearly disclose the presence of any surveillance devices such as a Ring doorbell in the listing’s description, even if it’s only monitoring the exterior or public areas.

The disclosure must include the type of device, its location, and whether it will be turned on during the guests’ stay. Any breach of Airbnb’s rules could lead to penalties, including removal from the Airbnb platform.

Lastly, in addition to Airbnb’s rules and regulations, hosts should comply with local privacy laws that could have additional requirements.

As a best practice, ensuring clear communication with your guests about their safety and security will enhance their comfort and trust in your hosting.

What is the best smart doorbell for a rental property?

The choice for the ‘best’ smart doorbell for a rental property can vary based on the property’s specific needs, your budget, and individual preferences.

However, based on our comprehensive evaluation, these are our top picks:

  • Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell: Offering high-resolution video quality and no mandatory subscription fees, it stands out as the best all-rounded option.
  • Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220: This battery-powered doorbell provides flexibility, making it perfect for rentals without existing doorbell wiring.
  • Ring Video Doorbell: Known for its reliability, it works as a great option if you want rechargeable battery-powered or hardwired installation.
  • Google Nest Doorbell (Wired): Best for wired installation, it offers superior features like facial recognition and continuous recording.
  • Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell: This video doorbell is noted for its unique 1:1 aspect ratio and emergency calling feature.

While these doorbells are recommended, it is crucial to consider factors such as video quality, field of view, cloud storage options, smart home compatibility, and guest privacy when making a selection.

Your decision should ultimately align with what best fits your rental property’s infrastructure and your specific requirements.