Why is My ADT Doorbell Blinking Red and Blue? And How to Fix It Fast

Is your ADT doorbell camera flashing red and blue lights, leaving you puzzled? You’re not alone. I’ve been there too – when my reliable ADT camera, which usually shines blue when operating correctly, unexpectedly started blinking red.

Despite rebooting the system and vigorously scanning the user handbook, I found myself at a dead end. As it turns out, an ADT doorbell camera blinking red indicates something is amiss, typically a dwindling battery or network connectivity issue.

In this blog, I’ll decode the reasons behind the colors, plus share a few quick fixes that got my doorbell camera back to normal.

What does the Red and Blue Blinking on ADT Doorbell mean?

The standard LED color of the ADT Doorbell Camera is blue. If you notice a change in the LED color, particularly to red, this typically signifies a problem.

When the red light blinks on your ADT camera, it generally represents one of two issues: the doorbell is running on a low or near-empty battery, or it’s experiencing network connectivity issues.

It’s crucial to understand that a red blinking light signals something’s not quite right with your doorbell camera.

On the other hand, if there’s no light on the system, it may imply that the bell is disconnected from the system for some reason. You should also beware that when hardware sends out such signals, it’s usually a notification of a major issue.

Keep in mind, that any sudden change from standard blue to a rapidly blinking red means your doorbell camera might want to communicate a problem to you.

Common issues causing ADT Video Doorbell Camera to blink Red and Blue

1. Low or dying battery

As an expert on the subject, I can assure you that your ADT video Doorbell Camera blinking red and blue could be a sign of a low or failing battery. This usually happens when the device’s battery level is critically low or not functioning properly.

Sometimes, it’s not about the battery being drained, but it could be damaged or impaired. Network connectivity issues can also trigger the red and blue blinking light.

The ADT system typically sends out this color-coded alert to warn you of potential problems. It’s essential to look into these signals promptly to avoid risking your safety and the device’s functionality.

Keep in mind, that this is an overview of what could be the cause, further troubleshooting may be required to ascertain the root problem. It’s always helpful to stay prepared.

Common issues causing ADT Video Doorbell Camera to blink Red and Blue

2. Wi-Fi and Connectivity issues

It’s important to understand that smart devices like the ADT Doorbell camera heavily rely on a stable internet connection. Any instability in network connectivity can lead to issues such as the doorbell blinking red and blue.

This could indicate that the device isn’t properly connected to your home Wi-Fi network, or there’s a problem with the network itself.

Furthermore, if the network speed isn’t up to par, specifically with less than 2 Mbps upload speed, this can also cause anomalies in the doorbell’s functionality.

All these factors highlight the importance of a steady and robust internet connection for the smooth operation of smart devices.

3. ADT Pulse App issues

The ADT Pulse App can face many issues resulting in the ADT Doorbell flashing red and blue. These can include problems related to the app’s server, occasional maintenance periods, or disruptions in your internet service.

Other factors might be related to the cache of the ADT Pulse App installed on your phone which may need occasional clearing. Another important factor could be using an outdated version of the app.

Furthermore, insufficient storage in your phone or potential bugs and glitches in the app’s design and development might also contribute to this issue.

4. Hardware issues

Some common hardware-related issues that could make your ADT Doorbell blink red and blue are:

  • Bad battery: Red blinking is commonly a signal of a bad battery charge, requiring a change.
  • Network connection trouble: If the doorbell blinks red, it indicates a failure in the network connection. Furthermore, an unstable internet connection can also disrupt the doorbell’s function.
  • Troubles in Wiring and power fluctuations: For non-wireless or hardwired systems, there might be issues with the wiring or power supply that could cause the blinking.

Remember, identifying the specific issue is the first step towards resolution, therefore, spend less time seeking and more in determining the cause of your problem.

How to fix ADT Doorbell blinking Red and Blue Issue

This table provides a straightforward view of each cause and its corresponding fix for the blinking red and blue issue with the ADT Doorbell Camera.



Low or dying battery

Charge or replace the battery to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity issues

Ensure a stable internet connection and proper Wi-Fi network connection.

ADT Pulse App issues

Clear the app’s cache, update to the latest version, and check for server issues.

Hardware issues

Inspect and fix any hardware-related issues, such as wiring or power problems.

Check if your ADT doorbell is working properly

If your doorbell camera isn’t functioning, it will usually show a blinking red light. A solid red ring typically indicates a problem with the internet connection.

You can confirm this by opening your ADT pulse app to check the status, or by checking the strength of your Wi-Fi signal at the doorbell location.

If needed, reset the device or reconnect it to your Wi-Fi. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to ADT customer support.

Remember, for the internet to work at its best, it should have at least 90% power strength or 2Mbps upload speed. With patience and careful following of these steps, you will be able to get your ADT Doorbell Camera back on track.

Recharge your ADT doorbell battery

The rapid red-to-blue or blue-to-red blinking of your ADT doorbell is an urgent call to action – the device’s battery is running low and requires immediate recharging. You need to get down to this straightaway, connecting your charger and refueling the doorbell’s battery life.

First, pop off the faceplate to reach the recharging connection. Connect a mini USB to the recharging port and plug it in; this both powers your device and boosts the battery to full in 6 hours or longer.

Keep an eye on the doorbell light; once it turns solid green, it signifies a fully charged battery. So, unplug the USB, refix the faceplate and you are all set.

Remember, with practice you’ll master this process, becoming a pro in maintaining your ADT doorbell’s functionality.

Change the ADT doorbell batteries

If your ADT doorbell starts flashing red and blue lights, it could signal a battery issue that needs immediate replacement. Follow these steps:

  • First, remove the doorbell from its attached bracket on the wall.
  • Find the rechargeable battery pack and carefully remove the old batteries.
  • Insert the new batteries and replace the pack back into the doorbell.

Note, that rechargeable batteries gradually lose capacity due to irreversible chemical reactions inside, causing short battery life over time.

Check if your ADT camera batteries are draining faster than usual to ensure they don’t require replacement. Also, to prevent a false alarm, always put your device in test mode before changing the batteries.

Remember, a genuine ADT battery promises optimal performance. Turn your doorbell’s alarm mode back on after the replacement.

Try fixing your internet connection

A solid internet connection is key to resolving the issue of the ADT Doorbell blinking red and blue.

It’s crucial to ensure your device is connected to your home Wi-Fi, then carry out the necessary network troubleshooting. Should the issue persist, try rebooting your router.

You can assess your internet stability and speed using speedtest.net. If your connection is unstable or slow (below 2 Mbps), that’s likely causing the problem.

Correcting these issues usually restores normal function, represented by a steady blue light on your ADT Doorbell. Lastly, don’t overlook the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, for best results it should be at least 90% power strength.

Hardwiring your ADT doorbell camera

When your ADT doorbell camera blinks red and blue, one way to resolve this issue is by hardwiring the camera to your home’s electrical system.

This process is usually not a DIY task for most homeowners, hence, engaging an experienced electrician is recommended.

An adept electrician should be able to safely connect your ADT system to your house’s power, ensuring continuous electricity supply to the doorbell without causing any damage or overload.

Alternatively, you could opt for any of the non-wireless ADT doorbell systems available in the market today. Although their installation may be more costly and time-consuming, it eliminates future battery life concerns.

Remember, choosing between these options boils down to personal preference, so conducting thorough research before making a decision is advisable.

How to Recharge the Battery of the ADT Doorbell Camera?

As an ADT Doorbell Camera owner, knowing how to recharge your unit’s battery is essential. If your doorbell is blinking red, it likely needs recharging. Here are easy steps you can follow.

Begin by gently removing the doorbell’s faceplate. This will reveal the charging port. Using a mini USB cable, plug one end into the charging port and the other into a power source. Give the unit ample time, approximately an hour, to charge to 100%.

While charging, the color signal will restore to solid green, showing the battery is full. Now it’s time to remove the USB cable and replace the doorbell’s faceplate.

Your ADT Doorbell Camera should be ready to function optimally for a period of a month or two.

Remember, To charge your ADT Video Doorbell, utilize the provided micro-USB cable, which is compatible with most USB power sources. This includes computers and other devices.

It is important to note that the charging process typically takes approximately 6 to 8 hours for the ADT doorbell to reach full battery capacity.

Expert tip:

If the rapid red blinking persists after recharging your device, you might need to change the battery or consult a specialist.

To save you the future hassle of recharging, consider having a professional electrician connect your ADT Doorbell Camera to the main supply.

It might be a tad pricier but definitely worth your peace of mind! Good luck!

When to seek professional help for ADT Doorbell issues.

Understanding when to seek professional help for ADT Doorbell problems is crucial. Look out for a consistent red light blinking on your ADT doorbell camera.

This is a typical sign of trouble, often indicating low battery power or lost internet connectivity.

If your device continues to malfunction despite charging it or resetting your internet connection, it’s time to call in the experts. ADT’s customer support team is always at your disposal to troubleshoot and fix persistent issues.

Remember, trying to fix a persistent problem yourself can often lead to greater complications.

So, my expert advice would be – stay vigilant for the warning signs and don’t hesitate to contact the professionals when needed.


Is it possible to hardwire my ADT Doorbell Camera to avoid these issues?

Yes, it’s possible to hardwire your ADT Doorbell Camera to eliminate charging issues and the blinking red light problem. This isn’t typically a do-it-yourself task for most homeowners, however, contacting a professional electrician extensively rids these issues.

They can connect your ADT system to your home’s electrical system without causing an overload or any damage. Another option would be to consider non-wireless ADT doorbell systems available on the market, eliminating battery life concerns. But, this decision should be based on thorough research to suit your needs best.

Why is your ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?

ADTVideo Doorbell Camera’s red blinking light could indicate your device’s battery could be low or failing, needing immediate recharge. It could be due to an unstable or lost internet connection. These intelligent devices require a robust internet connection to function effectively.

When the connection wavers, it can trigger malfunctions, such as a red blinking light. Also, a flashing red and blue light signifies Wi-Fi-related issues. It’s crucial to keep an eye on such indicators to ensure the optimal performance of your home security system.

How do I know when my ADT doorbell camera is fully charged?

When an ADT doorbell camera is fully charged, a solid green light appears on the battery charging case. To observe this, you may need to go through a process. If a red light is flashing on your doorbell, that’s an indication to recharge immediately. Remove the faceplate and connect your doorbell to a power source using a USB cable.

Why is ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Blue?

The blue blinking light on your ADT Doorbell Camera is its default LED color, indicating that it is functioning normally. However, if it’s detached from the system for any reason, there will be no light visible.